Why I Love Nepal -- Delicious Food!
Fluffy White Danger Dogs

Beautiful Bulldogs!


Brocco the English Bulldog by Megh Raj.  


Brocco the English Bulldog by Amar.


Brocco admires his portraits. 


I met this Bulldog at a garage sale and took his picture.   He was a sweetheart.


A Bulldog by Nabin.   I believe that Nabin painted this one while remembering Mick Jagger (the famous Bulldog - not the musician).


The delicate feet on this French Bulldog make this portrait by Mahesh stand out.


This thuggish Bulldog is signed by Birju, but I believe that Sagar painted it.


Aasha Art painted this delicate portrait of Cash the Bulldog.


Hari Timsina painted this French Bulldog.   It is sold!


This English Bulldog (Mick Jagger) is by Nabin.

NepalArt French bulldog 

Cash the Bulldog again.   This time he is painted in the grass by Nepal Arts.


Another Bulldog in the grass.   With a lovely underbite to boot!   From Surya Studios.


Mick Jagger again.   English Bulldog by Sabala.

Most of these lovely bulldogs are available.   Please visit the NepalDog.com website to see all Bulldog pricing and availability.

We are now getting ready for our 6th Danger Dog trip.   You can send me a photo of your pet, and I will give the photo to at least 3 Nepali artists and you get to choose which you prefer.   Only then do you pay.   No bad karma here!  

Help keep Nepali signboard art alive.   These paintings are being replaced by generic, stenciled 'beware of dog' signboards throughout Nepal.   These artists need the work. 

These hand-painted signboards are on (often recycled) metal and are painted with synthetic enamel.   They are meant to be hung outdoors to warn people of a pet on the premises.   But they look nice indoors framed, too.

Order yours today!   Or buy one of these fine Bulldogs!


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