Why I love Nepal: Signboards!!!
Danger Dogs at the Beach!

Big Dogs! Great Danes as Danger Dogs.


Sanjib Rana painted this Great Dane Danger Dog from photos that I took of a 5 month old Great Dane outside of Peet's on Montana in Santa Monica.   I have never seen the dog again, but I keep looking.   This painting is sold.


By Hari P.   This is the same dog, different pose.   These are from my personal collection.   I knew that Hari Prasad would get that the shadows and sidewalks were integral to the piece.


It was a beautiful and sweet-natured dog. 


By Hari Prasad.


This last one got the proportions all wrong on the legs and also added a bit of blur when Hari P. got to the human.  


This magnificent Great Dane was with his dad on the Santa Monica Promenade when another dog walked by.   He was ready to pounce and play.  

Please support Nepali signboard artists if you can.   Their work is endangered and well worth saving.

Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions.


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