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I was lucky enough to have been given the two most wonderful photos of my hens a day before I left by my good friend Peter Weibel.    Here are the results:


This is Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly (aka Ginger) and Vivien Leigh by Sabala.   I have sold this one and it almost broke my heart.   For some reason I can never keep chickens in stock!   I know there must be a soup joke there somewhere.  


From the same photo, the girls by Hari P.   This is the painting that my husband has chosen for himself this trip.    Ava Gardner and Vivien Leigh are Silver-Laced Wyandottes.   Ginger is a Buff Orpington.


Sirius Black, the Barred Rock, by Sabala.  


'Ginger the Glowing Hen' by Shree.  It is hard to see, but the paint brush under the signature has 'artist brush' written in tiny letters.


Ginger in close up by Sabala.   This is also from a photo by Peter.


Ginger.   Again by Sabala from Peter's photo.


Hari T painted this portrait of Sirius Black, the Barred Rock.  


This last photo is of a hen in Mustang in Nepal.   I have noticed that there is a good mix of chickens in the Kali Gandaki River Valley.   I've seen Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, White chickens, Black Astrolabs, and various other breeds.   The chickens are free to run around and scratch.   They mingle freely with dogs, cats, cattle, goats, yaks and zoe.  23520004 

The courtyard above is at the National Hotel in Upper Ghasa.  

I am going back to Nepal in mid-October for the 6th Danger Dog trip.   Send me a file of your pet and I will give them to at least 3 Nepali artists, giving them much-needed work and you an inimitable portrait of your pet.   You pay only after you decide which painting you'd like.

They are synthetic enamel on metal, about a foot square.   Sometimes the metal is on recycled signboards.  

Thank you again.   Any questions, please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com.   Or just look through my website at NepalDog.com.

Cheers,   Michelle


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Evelyn Morris Hecht

What.....no Bette Davis????? she's my absolute fave classic actress.

I think poultry always sells in paintings if they are good.......I get the feeling that most of your artists are dismissing the importance of poultry as beings, thus the undeveloped paintings in many chicken art cases....yes- the first one was outstanding and most developed. if the artists can get into more detail and attitude, I think they'll sell better.

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