Beautiful Bulldogs!
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Fluffy White Danger Dogs


Fluffy white dogs of all sorts make very nice Danger Dogs.   They wouldn't scare anyone, but they amuse everyone.   Above is Scottie by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts.


Scottie by Shahi. 


Jerry by Nabin -- looking here more like Rod Stewart.   That shoulder!


A sheepdog by Birju Studios (painted by Vinosh).


Another Sheepdog by Vinosh.

These white Danger Dogs can be a Coton de Tulear, a Bichon Frise, or a white poodle.


Maude, a Danger Dog by ShaShi. 


Above is Corton by Sabala.  


Sophie the white poodle by Shree.

All of these Danger Dogs are still available.   Please contact me for prices or with any questions at  

These paintings are Fair Trade Art - all are painted in Nepal by endangered signboard artists.   Hand-painted on metal by Nepalese artists, these portraits are about one square foot, and are synthetic enamel on metal.  

You can commission your own Enlightened Dog or Cat or Ferret or Horse.   I will be returning to Nepal in mid-October for the 6th Danger Dog trip.     I have worked with over 56 artists and have commissioned over 1250 pieces to date, keeping Nepali signboard art alive 'One Danger Dog at a Time.'


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