Danger Dogs at the Beach!
A Hodge Podge of Good Nepali Art!

Goats of Nepal!

Nepal has many goats.    But I may have the only 'Be Ware of Goat' signboards!   Goat.Amar_29

This Billy goat is 'pented by Amar' and is still available.


This rather square goat is by Hari Timsina.


Hari Prasad painted this goat.


Karma weighs in with this Danger Goat.


This lovely goat is also by Hari Prasad.   It is the only one in this post that is sold at the current time. 


A young goat enjoys eating marijuana plants on the side of the road near Marpha in the Mustang District of Nepal.  

Butcher signs featuring goats are common, but you can own your very own signboard.   Please contact me at [email protected] for more information on these goats. 

I've written a story on Kegbeni and environs, featured in the September issue of ECS Magazine.   Check it out:


More tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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