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Guest Editor! My Man on Patan!


When venturing into the ancient city of Patan, across the Bagmati River via the "Japanese Bridge", we were walking along, and, turning a corner, came across a procession.  Led by the cacophony coming from an assortment of men playing instruments, followed by rows of ladies in their finest parade saris - red, pink, or one renegade in yellow - was a grandmother being carried aloft in a palanquin (chair) with decorations of winged horses on it.


 For one of the major groups of Nepal, the Newars, when one attains the age of 77 years and 7 months and 7 days, they are no longer mere mortals, but become gods, dyas, (those that can fly.)  The ceremony, Buraa Janko, starts off with the washing the new god's feet in milk, and marks the  occasion of the transformation from human to God.  They become fliers who are far-seeing and insightful elders.


Patan and it's temples and museums.


The intricately carved wood is everywhere.   Patan is known as a 'City of Artists.'


The mix of the old and the new.   Here an Everest Kennel Club signboard and one with character.   Guess which I prefer!

Thanks to Cub reporter Ngwang Leshe.

Fluffy White Danger Dogs


Fluffy white dogs of all sorts make very nice Danger Dogs.   They wouldn't scare anyone, but they amuse everyone.   Above is Scottie by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts.


Scottie by Shahi. 


Jerry by Nabin -- looking here more like Rod Stewart.   That shoulder!


A sheepdog by Birju Studios (painted by Vinosh).


Another Sheepdog by Vinosh.

These white Danger Dogs can be a Coton de Tulear, a Bichon Frise, or a white poodle.


Maude, a Danger Dog by ShaShi. 


Above is Corton by Sabala.  


Sophie the white poodle by Shree.

All of these Danger Dogs are still available.   Please contact me for prices or with any questions at  

These paintings are Fair Trade Art - all are painted in Nepal by endangered signboard artists.   Hand-painted on metal by Nepalese artists, these portraits are about one square foot, and are synthetic enamel on metal.  

You can commission your own Enlightened Dog or Cat or Ferret or Horse.   I will be returning to Nepal in mid-October for the 6th Danger Dog trip.     I have worked with over 56 artists and have commissioned over 1250 pieces to date, keeping Nepali signboard art alive 'One Danger Dog at a Time.'

Beautiful Bulldogs!


Brocco the English Bulldog by Megh Raj.  


Brocco the English Bulldog by Amar.


Brocco admires his portraits. 


I met this Bulldog at a garage sale and took his picture.   He was a sweetheart.


A Bulldog by Nabin.   I believe that Nabin painted this one while remembering Mick Jagger (the famous Bulldog - not the musician). 

The delicate feet on this French Bulldog make this portrait by Mahesh stand out.


This thuggish Bulldog is signed by Birju, but I believe that Sagar painted it. 

Aasha Art painted this delicate portrait of Cash the Bulldog.


Hari Timsina painted this French Bulldog.   It is sold!


This English Bulldog (Mick Jagger) is by Nabin.

NepalArt French bulldog 

Cash the Bulldog again.   This time he is painted in the grass by Nepal Arts.


Another Bulldog in the grass.   With a lovely underbite to boot!   From Surya Studios.


Mick Jagger again.   English Bulldog by Sabala.

Most of these lovely bulldogs are available.   Please visit the website to see all Bulldog pricing and availability.

We are now getting ready for our 6th Danger Dog trip.   You can send me a photo of your pet, and I will give the photo to at least 3 Nepali artists and you get to choose which you prefer.   Only then do you pay.   No bad karma here!  

Help keep Nepali signboard art alive.   These paintings are being replaced by generic, stenciled 'beware of dog' signboards throughout Nepal.   These artists need the work. 

These hand-painted signboards are on (often recycled) metal and are painted with synthetic enamel.   They are meant to be hung outdoors to warn people of a pet on the premises.   But they look nice indoors framed, too.

Order yours today!   Or buy one of these fine Bulldogs!

Why I Love Nepal -- Delicious Food!

Nepali food is delicious and wholesome.   The Nepali staple diet is Dahl Baht, consisting of rice, dahl (lentils), curried vegetables, a pickle, chapati and papad.   We also recommend:


This mushroom spring roll from the National Hotel in Ghasa is out of this world.  Ghasa is famous for it's forest mushrooms, and the pastry surrounding this is light and flaky with not a hint of grease.   We asked our hostess if she had any yogurt (we were there off-season, after all), and she checked the neighbors and said no.   But the next morning, she had made some from her own water buffalo's milk.   It was superb.   This is the same hotel where when you order your vegetable curry, the Didi (big sister in Nepali) disappears off to her garden returning with an armful of fresh and delicious vegetables.   The chapatis are whole wheat and home made.   Thakali cooks are considered to be the best in Nepal.


This is breakfast at Toast Restaurant.   Toast is run by Nir who donates all profit to running 5 schools up in his home district in Eastern Nepal.   This fruit salad has mango, papaya, pineapple and pomegranate with delicious creamy yogurt and fresh Nepali honey.   Served with piping hot filter coffee.


The Saturday Cafe in Boudha is run by a Canadian lady who makes lovely sorbets and ice cream in season.   All food is Organic Vegetarian.   The view speaks for itself.  


A new romantic option is the Dream Factory, a Tibetan-run garden restaurant with Thai curries.   The chef was trained in Calcutta.


The hummus, crudites and pita bread are a nice snack.   The Dream Factory helps underemployed Tibetan youth to get job skills, they promote Tibetan art, and teach language (both Tibetan and English).   Besides serving good food.


This is the view from Mike's Breakfast in Pokhara.   The food is fine, the (unlimited) coffee devine.


This is the kitchen of a little restaurant not far off the stupa.


I made some moonballs (powdered milk, honey and peanut butter rolled in sesame seeds) in my kitchen in Boudha as some Danger Dogs (by Nara) look on.

Please order your own Danger Dogs.   We are going back soon and would love to have your pet immortalized on metal by the Nepali artists.   Remember, you pay nothing until you are satisfied with your pet's portrait and you get three choices, ensuring lots of work for the endangered Nepali signboard artists.

Contact me at for more information.

Jharkot - Mustang


Jharkot is nestled in a valley just below the holy town of Muktinath in Mustang.  


At 3200 meters (12,500 feet) above sea level, the terraced farmlands and the rolling pastures filled with wildflowers are a sight not to miss.


I couldn't resist this little girl with her monkey.


Thorung La Pass from Jharkot.  The white fence of Muktinath is in the distance.


The New Hotel Plaza.   Our home away from home in Jharkot.   The hotel is our base of operations for 4 or 5 days while we explore the area from Muktinath to Jhong and beyond.


Dan took this photo of a dusty goat drive with Jharkot in the background.


We stopped at a stream during our wildflower walk above town.


A field of Himalayan Stellera chamaejasme above Jharkot.


And the Danger Dog Blog wouldn't be complete with at least one cute Nepali Dog doing what they do best - sleep!

More tomorrow.