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Why I love Nepal: Signboards!!!

The Year of the Jack Russell!

There's a lot of cute Jack Russells out there, and it seems this year, a lot of them became Danger Dogs.


Here's the lovely Lulu by Jit Gurung of Pokhara.   A very Zen portrait.  This Dog has a Mona Lisa smile.


Lulu's friend Pinky, also by Jit Gurung.   Jit has often been compared to R. Crumb in style.


Mollie the Jack Russell looks good here in red.   This is by Chandra Chaudhury.  I always leave the chalk marks on these paintings, but as a buyer, you can just wipe them off.

Jack Nelson Jack Russell Terrier Shahi 

Jack Nelson by Shahi.   Shahi captured this dapper dog, especially around the eyes.


Santosh Shrestha's little daughter really did not want to let this Jack Russell go.   She cried and cried as I took them away.   Luckily, I brought them right back so that her daddy could sign them.  


Chloe the Jack Russell is my only Enlighteneb Dog.   Bewaare of her!   The script below is in Tibetan.  She is available for sale at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, if you'd like to see her in person.   Or you can always contact me at


Lucy by Sabala.   This is a soulful painting with fabulous eyes.


Mollie, again, this time by Amar.   The Nepali script reads 'Dharma Kukor' by the way.   (Religious Dog in Nepali.)

I have lots more of these lovely Jack Russell Terriers in my Danger Dog Collection.   All of the ones featured here today are available.   Please contact me at for more information.

'Micro-finance through art patronage' is my motto.   I have so many extra Danger Dog signboards because I want these artists to keep hand-painting signboards.  I hope to attract some attention to a dying art.    

They are indeed folk art.   If you'd like to have your pet participate in the Danger Dog Project, please send me a photo, and I will get that photo to at least 3 different Nepali artists.   As you can see the styles vary greatly, but that's part of the fun.  You never know what you will get!   But, since you pay nothing unless satisfied, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

All signboards are painted on metal with synthetic enamel.   They are all charming.   I have worked with over 56 artists and there are 1250 Danger Dog signboards now in existence.   Many of those are Danger Cats!

More tomorrow.   Stay tuned.  


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