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Why I Love Nepal -- Delicious Food!

Nepali food is delicious and wholesome.   The Nepali staple diet is Dahl Baht, consisting of rice, dahl (lentils), curried vegetables, a pickle, chapati and papad.   We also recommend:


This mushroom spring roll from the National Hotel in Ghasa is out of this world.  Ghasa is famous for it's forest mushrooms, and the pastry surrounding this is light and flaky with not a hint of grease.   We asked our hostess if she had any yogurt (we were there off-season, after all), and she checked the neighbors and said no.   But the next morning, she had made some from her own water buffalo's milk.   It was superb.   This is the same hotel where when you order your vegetable curry, the Didi (big sister in Nepali) disappears off to her garden returning with an armful of fresh and delicious vegetables.   The chapatis are whole wheat and home made.   Thakali cooks are considered to be the best in Nepal.


This is breakfast at Toast Restaurant.   Toast is run by Nir who donates all profit to running 5 schools up in his home district in Eastern Nepal.   This fruit salad has mango, papaya, pineapple and pomegranate with delicious creamy yogurt and fresh Nepali honey.   Served with piping hot filter coffee.


The Saturday Cafe in Boudha is run by a Canadian lady who makes lovely sorbets and ice cream in season.   All food is Organic Vegetarian.   The view speaks for itself.  


A new romantic option is the Dream Factory, a Tibetan-run garden restaurant with Thai curries.   The chef was trained in Calcutta.


The hummus, crudites and pita bread are a nice snack.   The Dream Factory helps underemployed Tibetan youth to get job skills, they promote Tibetan art, and teach language (both Tibetan and English).   Besides serving good food.


This is the view from Mike's Breakfast in Pokhara.   The food is fine, the (unlimited) coffee devine.


This is the kitchen of a little restaurant not far off the stupa.


I made some moonballs (powdered milk, honey and peanut butter rolled in sesame seeds) in my kitchen in Boudha as some Danger Dogs (by Nara) look on.

Please order your own Danger Dogs.   We are going back soon and would love to have your pet immortalized on metal by the Nepali artists.   Remember, you pay nothing until you are satisfied with your pet's portrait and you get three choices, ensuring lots of work for the endangered Nepali signboard artists.

Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for more information.


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I've been craving sorbets for a while - thanks for the info! Will check out the Saturday Cafe in Boudha.

michelle page

My favorite is the lemon sorbet, but let me know your pick.

Account Deleted


I enjoyed looking at your photos coz I love food. They look so delicious. I'm also interested in your signboards - so unique. For some Facebook fun tied to a feel-good cause to help dogs, check out Save a Dog: http://apps.facebook.com/save-a-dog/

Thanks for the support. More power!


michelle page

Hi, Belle:

Thanks for all the good work you are doing. I found it almost impossible to choose which dog to foster. They are all so cool in their own way. But a white boxer won my heart.

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This mushroom spring roll from the National Hotel in Ghasa is out of this world. Ghasa is famous for it's forest mushrooms, I will go to Ghasa for eat this types of delicious foods.

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