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Why I love Nepal: Signboards!!!

Nepal is a wonder and full of lovely signboards.   100_9566

Now if this isn't a lovely signboard, I don't know what is.   The map showing the 5 districts of Nepal, the fancy equipment, and let us not forget the he-man!   Nice Speedo.   I am pleased to note that a lady is working out in the gym.   This signboard was found in Pokhara.


As you can see, signboards are a big part of the Nepali streetscape.  It is also nice to notice that the women dress nicely.   With the camera stores, dress boutiques, cybercafe, ATM's - you can see that Kathmandu is modern.   Now if they only had a steady supply of electricity.   When I return to Nepal in mid-October '09 for the 6th Danger Dog trip, the government of Nepal expects to have only 6 hours per day of electricity (in the Capital!) as was the case throughout last winter.  


Does anyone else think it might be a good idea to have themselves painted on a Tailor signboard?   This isn't a rhetorical question. I know I have some regular readers out there, and I'd love to hear from you about this idea.   Either as a comment or write me at   Remember, the Beauty Shop signboard was not a good idea.   They even made Kate Moss look like Tatum O'Neill with a snaggle tooth.  Would a Tailor Shop signboard work?


It's nice to know when you are at 'The End of your Search.' 


This is a classical Nepali beauty.


A sultry dusty beauty.  She lives in Prano (old) Baneshwor.  Right across the street from the Siddhartha Resort Restaurant. 


Another classic beauty.  The calligraphy and the phone number in the red arrow is nicely done.   What woman wouldn't like to wear that sari?


This is the same sleeping dog featured in the third photo of this blog.   This is the other side of the signboard in that third photo. 


Another happy dog sleeps in the mid-day shade, near a beautiful Beauty parlor signboard.   This photo is an excellent illustration of just why I love Nepal.  


The other side of the very same signboard.  Nepali men dress neatly and nicely.   I especially am fond of his nice Dhaka topi (hat).


Another sleeping dog near Swayambunath, also known as the Monkey Temple.  


I'm sure if one looked hard enough, there's a sleeping dog in this photo.   This is the sort of lovely signboard that is being replaced with generic ads for the noodles or beer the restaurant serves.    I m especially taken with the word  'mus tang' split.  

This post is truly about Why I Love Nepal.   It is such an interesting place.   The people are polite most often (except in some tourist areas), the food is good and freshly prepared, the dogs are friendly.

But their signboard art is dwindling every time I go.   They sometimes even recycle these old beauties into Danger Dog signboards.  


The backs of these 4 signboards form the last letters of the word Kala (the word for art in Nepali).  It must have been a pretty signboard when it was together.   What I find odd is that they don't fit perfectly.   It's almost as if they trimmed the signs before painting them.   The little added sparkles remind me of signs here in America on the grocery stores of the 50's and 60's.   I remember liking them as a child when my mother would shop at the IGA, Kroger's and Liberal (!) Market in Dayton, Ohio.   

Those days are gone in the US, and they are going in Nepal.   Remember the Danger Dog motto:

"Micro-finance through Art Patronage"

That's it for tonight, see you tomorrow for another Danger Dog Blog. 


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