Goats of Nepal!
Nepal's Day of the Dog

A Hodge Podge of Good Nepali Art!


Here's a big lovely close up of G.G. by Sabala.   This was featured in San Luis Obispo at the great restaurant Big Sky Cafe.

G.G. - The Standard of Black Poodles!


These are a portrait of Grace, an Alaskan Klee Kai (Toy Husky) and Stella, a Pomeranian Chihuahua.   We won't get fooled again!   All three are available. 


This Dog is playing Charle Chaplin...  Just look at that mustache!   He is a bit of a Sad Sack, but charming all the same.   By Sabala. 


I can guess who the artist is by size, details and proximity. 


This dog has been eating at the Bakery and had a massage after.   Later he will head up the stairs to the Bar!


Work in progress in the studio of JK Arts in Beni.  

Hodge Podge continues and then I go to sleep...


You can only imagine what a pleasant surprise it is to see these drying on the stairs of a studio.    I had a good idea all those years ago after all.   All of the above is by Hari Prasad of Surya Studios.  

Stay tuned tomorrow.   Good night and good luck!


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