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Duke the Weimaraner

You could not ask for a more elegant portrait of a Weimaraner not photographed by William Wegman.  Today I am featuring Duke and a couple of other Weimaraners portraits from Nepal:


This portrait from Hari Timsina I miss a lot.. look at that eye on the left of the painting...  be ware of Dog dribbling down his ear...  This is the psychedelic Duke.


This is the portrait that Duke's owner chose.   Very elegant and straightforward with muted colors befitting his breed, this is 'pented' by Amar Shrestha of Pashupati Art.  This is the real Duke.


A quite different take on Duke from Baijanath.  More of a 'gumshoe Duke'.  This one is available at


A dramatic and long-necked Duke by Vinosh and signed by Birju.   A wild and crazy Duke.


Also available is Duke the Weimaraner again painted by Hari Timsina.   The 'meek Duke'.  This was painted in July, 2009.  


This is Jasper on a 'magic carpet ride' as painted by Shree with his typical elysian fields as a backdrop. A spacey Jasper.   Available.


This intent Weimaraner is not looking stage right, but is staring up at a squirrel.   I took the orignal photo at a garage sale north of Montana here in Santa Monica.  Maybe I should post the photo on its side so that the Weimaraner is looking up as in real life.   This painting was signed Birju, but was painted by an artist from India named Babu.   A  'Weimaraner of focus'.   Available.


No Weimaraners here, but I couldn't resist.   These stairs are prime Danger Dog display space.   They add spice to any room.  Keep burglars away too!  

There are a few more 'secret Weimaraners' hanging around the house, too.   Please inquire for the full spectrum of what's available.

Comments, questions, remarks... I love them all.   Either below in the space provided or email me at   I'll be glad to hear from you.

I have published two articles about travel in Nepal.   Here is the link:   The second is a side bar to the cover article - scroll down from here:   All of the photos that accompany my article are mine, as well as some that are included in the cover story about Lo Manthang.  I haven't seen the pdf of the actual article yet, to see what is really in the (quite lovely and glossy) magazine.   ECS has a long life as many 'traveller's' restaurants in Nepal have stacks of ECS going back years for perusal.

Can't complain about the writers!

More tomorrow.


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