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September 2009

New Opening of the Danger Dogs!

Save the date of October 22nd.   The GhettoGloss Gallery is going to have a Danger Dog Howl-o-Ween exhibition (through October 29th).   It should be a lot of fun.    The Gallery has recently moved from Silverlake to 6109 Melrose (between Seward and June Streets).

Last Monday, they had a closing reception for the always fabulous Allee Willis and her Museum of Kitsch.   She invited her old friends from Earth Wind & Fire, who graciously played 3 or 4 of their greatest hits!   Free, in a parking lot behind the gallery!   Allee wrote some of those greatest hits and we benefited from their collaboration once more.


This scary little Lhasa Apso is from a photo I took at Bergamot Station.   Unfortunately for me, he is sold!


I guess I am a little influenced by October already.   Some people celebrate Christmas early, I like Halloween!  


This guy is certainly frightening.  


I love Nepal and can't wait to get back!

I'm off to New York City and then to Woodstock for the 10th Annual Woodstock Film Festival.   Wish me luck in finding some retail outlets for the Danger Dogs while there.  

Any ideas appreciated.  Contact me at   Keep those comments coming!

Please mail in your photo of your pet and let me know what you'd like it to say, and you can have your very own personal Danger ???, or Enlightened ???   Each commission receives 3 different portraits of their pet by 3 different Nepali artists.   I'll be back the first week in December, so there is plenty of time for gift-giving.   These are the perfect gift for those pet-lovers who collect art and also like to help micro-finance struggling signboard artists in Nepal.

No risk to you.   I do not accept money up front.   Who else gives you that guarantee? 

Fashion Week in Nepal

In honor of New York's Fashion Week just passed, I thought I would share a Nepali fashion show!  It was held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Boudha in November 2008.

Fashion Show in Nepal at the Hyatt Regency
The stage is set at the Hyatt

The setting was dramatically lit, and the fashion show was held to introduce the new Miss Players line of clothing to Kathmandu.   




They had singers from India  to warm up the audience.   They started very late, but as the event was sponsored by Player's (an Indian cigarette company) they gave out soft drinks and snacks in the foyer and even offered cigarettes to the waiting crowd!   First time I've seen cigarettes indoors for years.   The ladies came out in dramatic masks to start the show.


A Nepali fashion show at the Hyatt
A Nepali model strutting on the runway.

The clothes were modern and wearable.


Male Nepali models wlk the runway
Male Nepali models walk the runway

The models professional.  


Young Nepali male model on the Hyatt runway
The fashion runway at the Hyatt Regency Nepal

Lots of Beefcake included.   Or is that Buffcake?


Male models walk the runway in Nepal
Male model on the runway.

The Nepali models were graceful.


Fashion show in Nepal
The show continues...

We seemed to be the only westerners at the show.


Fashion show in Kathmandu
Female models on the runway at the Hyatt

I had noticed an ad for the show on the cover of the Kathmandu Post, and tried in vain to find a website.   Calls to the Hyatt's concierge didn't help.  


Nepali models strut the runway at the Hyatt in Kathmandu
Models on the runway

And since we stay near the Hyatt, we just walked in and we were welcomed. 


Nepali fashion models on the runway
Casual was the theme for the night

It was a lot of fun.  

Nepali models strut the runway at the Hyatt in Kathmandu
Runway models!

The models were all very different types.   It turns out that Dan and I keep running into one of the models on the streets of Kathmandu.   We call her Miss Nepal.   She still lives with her parents near Thamel.


A Nepali fashion show at the Hyatt
A Nepali model smiles on the runway.

After the show, we all moved out into the garden behind the Hyatt and had a fabulous spread of delicious foods and wines.   The musicians performed in the garden, too.  


A group of Nepali male and female models at an after-fashion show at the Hyatt
After party!

We danced and had a wonderful time.   It turns out that this was the night that the commandos took over the hotels in Mumbai.   I'm glad that Kathmandu is off the beaten path, so to speak, and not in immediate danger from terrorists.  

More on the Danger Dogs tomorrow!




Kukor Puja and the Danger Dogs

Nepal celebrates the Day of the Dog, or Kukur Puja, as part of the Tihar festival.   I can't resist taking photos of these dogs festooned with their tikas and malas (red dots and garlands).   Though I should resist making paintings of them!   These paintings don't really translate and look a bit like there's something wrong with the dog!   Live and learn.


This pretty dog has certainly been honored.   I can only imagine the tasty treats that are also a part of their special day.  


The painting above, by Punam Mankajee, doesn't really convey that special spirit of the day without the garland.   It just looks like the dog got a sunburn!    Available.


Hari Timsina got the concept!   This dog looks blessed.   And he is sold.


This is Leika, a dog from Pokhara, with her special day tika.   By Lal at Himal Art and still available.


Leika from the same photo as the previous painting by Hari T.  


This little Puja Puppy got the full treatment from Amar. 


Birju and his Puja Puppy.  


This cute puppy lives in Boudha and is treated and feted every day.   Love the collar.  Maybe I should export them!   Any one want one like this?

All of the Danger Dog portraits in this post are available with the exception of the one marked sold.   They are all on sale for $100 plus $10 shipping.   If you are in California, add $9.75 sales tax.   Contact me for more information at

You can also order your own pet's portrait from Nepal, thus helping the struggling artists to keep plying their trade in these digital times.   Your commission will generate work for 3 artists.   Part of the fun of ordering your own Danger Dog is to see what the artist makes of your pet's photo.   Satisfaction is guaranteed as I collect no money up front.   Only after you choose your favorite do you pay.   If you decide to buy all three, that is welcomed!  

Go to to find out more about this Fair Trade Art project.  

Stay tuned.   More tomorrow.

Artists' studios in Nepal

Ever wonder what a signboard artist's studio in Nepal is like?    They are as different as the final product.   However, I've rarely seen such beautiful walls.


Hari Timsina paints on one big piece of metal and later cuts them into individual works.


Megh Raj paints right off an alley.


Hari Prasad dries his magnificent paintings on the stairs.


Notice the wonderful walls and floors of Lal Karki's studio.


Ojna's wall is quite a collage.


This wall in Ram Badahur Lama's studio no longer exists.   It is now a bicycle repair shop and Ram Badahur has moved on.


Chaos is the byword at Yuba Raj' Studio.  


Drying paintings wait for lettering at Amar Shrestha's studio.


Another studio that no longer exists.   Prem's studio was replaced by a bank.   Notice the cow's foot on the upper right of this photo.


Sufraj and his wife and daughter relax in his small studio.   Sufraj uses the walls to clean his brushes, resulting in a mishmash of graffiti, anti-smoking diatribes and religious paintings.

If you'd like to learn more about the Danger Dog project, please contact me at or go to my main website at

Every Danger Dog has a Story, and if you'd like your pet to be part of this Fair Trade Art project, please send me a file at and I will give a photo of your pet to at least 3 different artists, guaranteeing them work.   Once you have chosen which painting on metal of your pet you'd like, you send me a check for $250.   If you don't like any of the 3, you pay nothing!   You can buy all three if you like, of course.

Micro-Finance through Art Patronage!   Give these artists a rod instead of a fish.   Unless you'd like a choice of 3 paintings of your goldfish!

Odd Danger Dogs on Nepali Gates

The Danger Dogs from Nepal were inspired by these utterly charming but odd Danger Dogs I found walking the back streets of Nepal.


Sometimes they look more like goats than dogs.


This is a sad example of why I started the Danger Dogs project.  This stenciled signboard is ubiquitous all across Nepal, but to have it cover a lovely Tibetan mastiff signboard... that's a travesty.


Barbed wire for a collar?   This never fails to make one laugh.


I think the Danger Dog signboard is overwhelmed by the dramatic gate.


Sometimes they look like goats, sometimes like pigs!


Sometimes mountain lions.  Or is it a bear?    Oh, my.

If you'd like to order your very own odd ball Danger Dog, contact me at   I can't promise anything this primitive, but I do have a group of artists that would qualify as naive artists.