A Hodge Podge of Good Nepali Art!
Dog Jewelry! Collars, Dogtags and Leashes by Sagar.

Nepal's Day of the Dog

Tihar, a festival that occurs in October or November every year, is one of the best times to be a Nepali dog.


This dog got a mala (Nepali garland of marigolds) and a tika (red blessing on the forehead) and no doubt a lot of food treats on this special day.


These attentive Nepal Dogs line up for their treats.


As the day went on, this puppy got more and more tikas all over his body!    By the end of the day he looked like an odd leopard!


This dog is well taken care of.


There is no 'Day of the Chicken' however.


There are some Kukor puja (Nepali for dog blessing) Danger Dogs.   This is one by Birju.


And another of the same 'puja pup' by Amar.  


Himal Art painted this signboard of Leika, a Nepali dog friend in Pokhara.  

Hari PujaDog 

Hari Timsina's version of the lovely Leika.


Somebody used a lot of red powder on this dog!

All of the Danger Dog signboards featured on this post are still available.   Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for more information.   You can also find out more by going to my website:   NepalDog.com

If you'd like to make your own pet a memorial on metal, I will be returning to Kathmandu this October.   Every commissioned piece gets 3 choices of art by 3 different artists.   You can choose what you'd like it to say, you can choose your artist.   And the best part, if you are not satisfied, you pay nothing!  

Stay tuned.   More tomorrow.


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Barbara Pokras

What a lovely holiday! We should have it here. Nepal dogs certainly look well fed and cared for!

Michelle Page

Yes, they get to be dogs. Dog Bless!

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