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A Chocolate Labrador Retreiver named Millie

Millie is one of the most zen Chocolate Labs ever.   As such, she has inspired many Enlightened Dog portraits.  
Starting with:

 Amar.chocolate lab

Amar Shrestha loves a sleeping pet.   The details and balance in this painting are quite extraordinary.   The green hues perfectly complement Millie Vartan's zen calm.    This is the only portrait I have had made from this particular photo and was purchased as a gift for Millie's owner.

 Millie Chocolate lab by Megh Raj 

Again, here is Millie the Chocolate Lab by Megh Raj.    This one is photo-realistic and still has the chalk plumb lines used for the lettering.   Available at this time.


Shiva's portrait of Millie has a completely different feel.   Here she is primitive.   The lettering is in Tibetan and says:   "Brilliant dog here, is here.   Do you have dog?   Have none."    I had asked for a sample of Tibetan lettering from a monk in Pokhara.   Tibetans consider dogs to be reincarnated lamas (holy men) and routinely refer to them as brilliant.   He wrote all this in Tibetan, and I had asked Shiva to please only write the first phrase.   Also, he was to include the phrase 'Enlightened Dog' in English.    This painting of Millie is also available.


Sanjib Rana painted this soulful Millie in her chair.    Looking a bit like a wise professor in this portrait, Sanjib caught her soulful gaze.   Available.


This portrait by Amar was also gifted to Millie's owner.


Millie as seen by Hari Timsina.   Hari T's colorful take on Millie is available.


Dilip Niroj's version of the lovely Millie.   Available.

Also available is this version of Millie by Nara.


I had to see what Sabala would do with Millie.    I have made so many of Millie because she is a textbook example of a chocolate lab and it is such a great photo.    The Danger Dog project needs to have a couple of sample dogs so that collectors can see what many, many artists can do with the same photo in order to illustrate the artists' various styles.   Available.

This is a classic by Punam.   My dentist bought this one.   First time I ever made money at the Dentists!

I'll be returning to Nepal soon to make more of these paintings on metal.   Please send me a photo of your pet and I will give it to at least 3 different artists, insuring that you will like at least one of the portraits made of your pet and giving much-needed work to these struggling signpost artists in Nepal.   You pay only after choosing which portrait you prefer.   Satisfaction guaranteed.

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for more information, or go to my website NepalDog.com to see more of these fabulous Danger Dogs.  

And if you'd like to purchase one of these spectacular portraits of Millie, please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com  


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