Nepal's Day of the Dog!
Danger Dogs Opening Exhibit at GhettoGloss a success!

Ghetto Gloss opening is Thursday, the 22nd.

Whew.   Who said curating was easy.   193 pieces are hung for your viewing pleasure at the always fabulous Ghetto Gloss Gallery in Hollywood.  

I say these Dogs look great en masse.  The Danger Dogs are a Fair Trade Art project promoting Nepalese signboard art.   To date, 1250 signboards have been commissioned, giving work to endangered Nepali signboard artists.   Digital art is replacing hand-painted signs at a rapid rate.  Everyone loves modernism.   These unsung artists are varied in their styles.   I have worked with 56 artists from Nepal.  

Of course, every signboard you see on this blog today is available for $200.   There are some steals.   Some will sell for less.  Generous discounts -- especially if you have a dog that looks like an existing Danger Dog.   You have to agree that these 30 Nepali signboards look good together.  

(Good thing I'm tall.)   Wouldn't these look great in a restaurant?   Everyone loves dogs.   These pieces appeal to pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference to Nepali signboard artists.

The opening is on Thursday, October 22, from 8 to midnight.   It is okay to arrive as early as 7pm, though.
For all you fans out there that like this effect.   I offer a bulk discount on multiples.

If you get tired of looking for your pet, contact me and I'll send the file along that includes your pet.

There are 100 Dogs on this wall.

I'll try to get one in focus of this wall next time.


Cats and birds are represented, too, of course.

Hope to see you on Thursday.  Go to for more details.  

For more details on the Danger Dogs...go to  or contact me directly at

Every Danger Dog has a story.... And I know them all!


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Doug Potter

WoW! Looks great, Michelle. Wish I could be at the opening. I look forward to reading your write up.


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