Loud Parrots and Enlightened Peacocks
Artists walls in Nepal

North American Danger Dogs

I realize that I am often showing the Nepali signboards up on gates in Nepal, but I've never shown them exhibited here in the states.  

Here are 6 versions of Lucy in the hallway.

 New York_39
Basel on the fridge.   I'd assume she is using magnets to hold Basel in place.

Floy the Enlightened Dog greets guests at the WaterFall Rental in Woodstock.   www.Waterfallrental.com

 Spring 2008 036
Mak is a lucky dog who now lives up in Canada.   Born in Haiti, he is immortalized with his very own Danger Dog signboard.

More another time.   I have many lovely photos of these Dogs in situ. 

Order your very own Danger Dog by sending me a photo of your pet.   I will give said photo to at least 3 different artists ensuring that these artists get much needed work.   You get 3 choices and only pay after you tell me which portrait of your pet you prefer.

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any comments or questions.


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