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October 2009

Danger Dogs in Manhattan!

Finally New York Danger Dog lovers have a place to see the Dogs in Manhattan.   

Prudence Designs at 347 W. 36th St (between 8th and 9th) is proud to present the Danger Dogs!   

Call to confirm the address:   (212) 691-1356

The proprietor, Carlson Handy, saw the Dogs at the Product-N-Press show in Chelsea on Tuesday and liked them right away.   Sorry about the bad photo.   Maybe Carlson will send me a better one.    One that includes Danger Dogs.

Here's a peek of the Danger Dogs you will get to see in person by stopping by:

Niki, a Pomeranian from Brooklyn will get to admire her portrait.   Above by ShaShi.   The script is in Tibetan.

FloJo, an Italian Greyhound, got a Nepali Extreme Home Makeover.   The couch that FloJo is lounging on is originially beige.   Shree likes a little more color in his furnishings.

 Millie Chocolate lab by Megh Raj
Millie, the Enlightened Chocolate Lab, by Megh Raj.   Megh Raj paints a very lifelike portrait.

Aussie the Labradoodle's portrait includes Govinda's trademark reflective lettering.

No Danger Dog exhibit is complete without a Boxer.   My friend Siggy as painted by Sabala.

This Coton de Tulear signed by Surya also looks like a sheepdog.    I believe this one was painted by Vinosh.

 Gustavo Chihuahua Sabala
Gustavo by Sabala.   The Nepali script translates as 'Dharma Dog'.

It wouldn't be Halloween without a black cat.    Zia by Chandra Chaudhury.

Luke the Weimaraner by Hari Timsina.

This fluffy sheepdog is by Amar Shrestha of Boudha.

Also by Amar is his portrait of a bulldog that I photographed at a garage sale here in Los Angeles.  

This Zen Kitty is a tomcat named Lula.   Not named by Johnny Cash, this Tonkinese cat's balls dropped 7 weeks late!   And he was already named.   No wonder he has his dukes up in this painting.

 Desi Havanese by Megh Raj
Desi the Havanese puppy is by Megh Raj.

Shree painted Layla the Black Labrador against a golden backdrop and added a dramatic border.

Grace by Sagar, post apocalypse.   Sagar means ocean in Nepali and his Japanese chop signature means ocean in Japanese.

Annie and Pitzel the Pomeranian and the Papillion by Jit Gurung of Pokhara.

These Danger Dogs are taking over Manhattan.   Hopefully soon they will come to your neighborhood.   I'm trying!

Please order your Danger Pets soon, as I am leaving for Nepal in less than 2 weeks.   Each Danger Dog commission generates work for 3 Nepali artists and 3 signboards on metal for you to choose from.   Extras will end up on Museum Shop walls, art exhibits, or in cool stores like Prudence Design.   

By the way, Prudence Designs was named for Carlson's dachshund Prudence.    Find out more about Prudence Designs at

More tomorrow.

New Stone Age Dogs!

New Stone Age on West Third here in Los Angeles has new Danger Dogs in stock.

Kahuna the Zen Pug by Shree.    Kahuna rests his head on a pink and blue couch that is reminiscent of Matisse.    The blue dogbone dogtag is a nice touch.

This dramatic Sheepdog by Khanchan of Pokhara is on extra durable metal.

This brutish Chocolate Labrador is by Sagar.   This is from when Sagar painted his Danger Dogs as thugs.

Amar Shrestha made Laverne the Bulldog into a sweet dog (and gave her a slimmed physique, too) with a charming underbite.

Dilip painted this double portrait of the Pomeranians King and Princess.   It is 12" x 15".  Sold!

Another good double dog painting is this pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels signed Birju.   Painted by Vinosh, who now is off in Saudi Arabia doing remittance work.   Therefore portraits by Vinosh are no longer available.   Birju does the lettering and signs the artwork.

This little Westie was walking by my house one day and I took this photo.   Painted by Hari Prasad.

Davey the Black Labrador Retriever by Nara of Asha Arts.   Sold.

This black and red dachshund is by Govinda Kalikote.

This pitbull is by Sagar and part of his Thug Series.

A very studly Italian Mastiff painted by Pulkit of Nepal Arts.

This profile of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a hunter green background is by Santosh Shrestha of Pokhara.

This Lhasa Apso by Birju Studios was one of four Fran couldn't let go.   Again by Vinosh, you will not be able to get this artist for at least another 3 years.   Sold to a true Lhasa Apso fan!
This little white dog is also by Vinosh.

Another painting by Vinosh.   This is his version of a Scottie dog. Boxer.RamK_74
Lastly, we have Bubba the Boxer by Ram Krishna.  Sold!

Stop by and see these lovely new additions to New Stone Age.   New Stone Age is located at 8407 West Third Street (cross street Orlando) 90048.  You can call for directions at:  323-658-5969.   Or check out Fran's website at:

It is hard to believe that in 2 weeks I will be back in my beloved Nepal.

There is no better time than the present to order your very own Danger Dog (or Cat)!   Each commission will give work to 3 Nepali signboard artists.   Satisfaction guaranteed as you pay only after you choose which of the 3 portraits you prefer.   I will return from Nepal in early December in time for the holidays.   What better present than to have your pet immortalized on metal by these talented artists?   You can have these signboards say whatever you like and can choose the artists and type of art you'd like.

Please contact me at with any questions or comments.   You can also go to my website at to see more.



New York and the Danger Dogs

I traveled with some Danger Dogs to the Product-N-Press event in  Chelsea.   The Dogs were well-received.  Leave it to smart New York journalists to get the concept of Fair Trade Micro Finance.

Sharing a booth with lots of products from Susan Hartzler's Alpha Dogs, we had a lot of items to attract the over 200 media who attended.   Alongside the Danger Dogs, the wine bottles are from the Dog Lover's Wine Club, and the labels feature a limited edition of 22 of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting enterprise.  

Alpha Dog PR was well represented by Chelsea, a lovely, friendly, well-behaved King Charles Spaniel.   Chelsea was a good ambassador for our table.

I was happy to see Mick Jagger and Jerry Lee in the window of the OK Harris Cigar Store at 355 W. Broadway in Soho.  Both paintings are by Sabala.

More adventures from New York when I catch up from my whirlwind trip.  

I am leaving for Nepal for the 6th Danger Dog trip in November.   Anyone who would like to send in a photo of their beloved pet should do so now and I will give it to 3 different artists.   Satisfaction guaranteed.   You pay nothing until you choose one of the 3 paintings.   I'll be returning in early December in plenty of time to deliver for the holidays. 

Please contact me at with any questions or comments.

Thanks to Jono and the whole production staff of the Product-N-Press held last Tuesday at La Venue.   Everything went smoothly from the set up to the catering to the great mix of media that showed up.

Danger Dogs Opening Exhibit at GhettoGloss a success!

Thanks to all of you who attended last night's opening of the Danger Dogs at the GhettoGloss Gallery!

As you can see, it was a Howling Success!   Arrow the Black Lab showed up in her fabulous rhinestone collar.


Jenny Mollen Biggs judged the costume contest.  She and her husband Jason Biggs have been big supporters of the 'Burma - It can't wait' movement, making a YouTube short.   See it here.


Peanut came as a skunk.


Edgar and Julie check out the wall.   Notice that Govinda's use of reflective tape looks good in the camera flash.   That reflective tape would be perfect at the end of a driveway.

This is Bobby Gorgeous.   This pup has his own website, twitter, myspace page, facebook account etc.   Fortunately, he has not let it go to his head.   This little Pomeranian should be in movies!  He is perfectly behaved, has an animated face, he's quiet, interested in everything around him, soft as a furry cloud of fluff.   He loved wearing this costume -- strutting and shaking his little blowfish costume like a Zeigfield Follies boy.    The purple glow is a LED light.  Needless to say, this photo does not do justice to Bobby nor his costume, which was clearly the winner.

He made a lot of new friends last night.


The exhibit will remain up until the 29th of October.   Hope you can find the time to drop by and see these Dogs as they should be seen.  

Olivia came in her crocheted outfit.

Altogether, it was a good chance for some new people to see the Danger Dogs.  

If you would like to immortalize your own pet, please send me a file and I will give that photo to at least 3 different artists in Nepal.   You pay only after you choose a portrait of your pet.   You get a choice, 3 artists get work, and galleries and museum shops get folk art.   Cost of a portrait of your pet on metal by these artists is $250 for one animal per signboard.

Ghetto Gloss opening is Thursday, the 22nd.

Whew.   Who said curating was easy.   193 pieces are hung for your viewing pleasure at the always fabulous Ghetto Gloss Gallery in Hollywood.  

I say these Dogs look great en masse.  The Danger Dogs are a Fair Trade Art project promoting Nepalese signboard art.   To date, 1250 signboards have been commissioned, giving work to endangered Nepali signboard artists.   Digital art is replacing hand-painted signs at a rapid rate.  Everyone loves modernism.   These unsung artists are varied in their styles.   I have worked with 56 artists from Nepal.  

Of course, every signboard you see on this blog today is available for $200.   There are some steals.   Some will sell for less.  Generous discounts -- especially if you have a dog that looks like an existing Danger Dog.   You have to agree that these 30 Nepali signboards look good together.  

(Good thing I'm tall.)   Wouldn't these look great in a restaurant?   Everyone loves dogs.   These pieces appeal to pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference to Nepali signboard artists.

The opening is on Thursday, October 22, from 8 to midnight.   It is okay to arrive as early as 7pm, though.
For all you fans out there that like this effect.   I offer a bulk discount on multiples.

If you get tired of looking for your pet, contact me and I'll send the file along that includes your pet.

There are 100 Dogs on this wall.

I'll try to get one in focus of this wall next time.


Cats and birds are represented, too, of course.

Hope to see you on Thursday.  Go to for more details.  

For more details on the Danger Dogs...go to  or contact me directly at

Every Danger Dog has a story.... And I know them all!