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North American Danger Dogs

Loud Parrots and Enlightened Peacocks

Cockatoos are loud and Randy is no exception.  

This painting, by Sanjib Rana, is in the personal collection of Randy's owner.


This lovely peacock by Sufraj is still available.  


When I came in and saw this one being painted, I immediately ordered a second one!   By Hari T.  Available.

Love birds by Hari Prasad.  Available.


This proud peacock is by Sabala of Surya Studios.   Available at this time.

Also by Sabala, the Barred Rock Chicken above just keeps getting plumper.   I can never keep chickens in stock.   They are surprisingly popular.  However this one is still available.

Contact me at to buy one of these Danger Dogs or to commission a piece.

The perfect gift for that special pet lover who collects art - a Danger Dog!   This is the perfect time to commission a painting as I am leaving soon for my beloved Nepal.

I'd like to send a big thanks to for their support of the Danger Dog Project.


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First of all why are you feeding birds anyway? Let alone the black ones...wait, is this about humans or animals. It's hard to tell the difference most of the time.

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