Danger Dogs Opening Exhibit at GhettoGloss a success!
New Stone Age Dogs!

New York and the Danger Dogs

I traveled with some Danger Dogs to the Product-N-Press event in  Chelsea.   The Dogs were well-received.  Leave it to smart New York journalists to get the concept of Fair Trade Micro Finance.

Sharing a booth with lots of products from Susan Hartzler's Alpha Dogs, we had a lot of items to attract the over 200 media who attended.   Alongside the Danger Dogs, the wine bottles are from the Dog Lover's Wine Club, and the labels feature a limited edition of 22 of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting enterprise.  

Alpha Dog PR was well represented by Chelsea, a lovely, friendly, well-behaved King Charles Spaniel.   Chelsea was a good ambassador for our table.

I was happy to see Mick Jagger and Jerry Lee in the window of the OK Harris Cigar Store at 355 W. Broadway in Soho.  Both paintings are by Sabala.

More adventures from New York when I catch up from my whirlwind trip.  

I am leaving for Nepal for the 6th Danger Dog trip in November.   Anyone who would like to send in a photo of their beloved pet should do so now and I will give it to 3 different artists.   Satisfaction guaranteed.   You pay nothing until you choose one of the 3 paintings.   I'll be returning in early December in plenty of time to deliver for the holidays. 

Please contact me at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

Thanks to Jono and the whole production staff of the Product-N-Press held last Tuesday at La Venue.   Everything went smoothly from the set up to the catering to the great mix of media that showed up.


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