Obama in Nepal - the Folk Art Obamas
A Chocolate Labrador Retreiver named Millie

Zen Dogs and Cats! Pugnacious Kitties!

Zen Dogs and Zen Cats have become a Nepal Dog staple.


This cute gray cat is by Sabala.   His owner insists that he is indeed a Zen Cat, getting along with all of her dogs and keeping his dignity intact at the same time.


Kahuna the Zen Pug by Shree is a friend of the above Zen Cat.


This Pugnacious Kitty is a Tonkinese living in London.   Lula has a lot to fight about as he is a Tom named Lula.    Not named by Johnny Cash, this cat was late to drop his balls and was named before that momentous event.   He is not wearing blue lingerie, but is propped against his owner's socks.   Painting by Hari Timsina.

 Louis Poodle by Sufraj 

Louis is a Spiritual Dog, painted by Sufraj.

Sandy is a Bhakti Dog.   Bhakti means devoted in the Sanskrit language.   Painting by Sabala.

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