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Odd days in Kathmandu

Another beautiful day in Boudha

The Danger Dog ordering orgy got in full swing today, visiting signboard shops and seeing the artists.

It's always good to see Karma's smiling face.   He and his friend were equally glad to see me.  Dan always calls this studio 'the boys'. 

Sundown at the Boudhanath stupa.   I spend at least an hour around this holy Buddhist monument every day and never tire of it's procession of pilgrims, tourists, dogs and ever-changing light.

This is not even the most crowded time.

Here is an example of a new sign I noticed for SungKor Lamination.  

Here is the old hand-painted signboard.  At least it is adaptive re-use.   I wish they knew what they will be missing in the future if this trend keeps up.

A lovely native signboard along the main road to Boudha.

Friends of the Dragon Guest House in Boudha will be happy to see that the two Lhasa Apsos are still guarding their rooftop next door, but it seems that they are barking less. King and Queen of their turf, that's for sure.  Actually, there are less dogs barking all night lately -- a perennial problem here in Boudha.

The view from the top keeps disappearing as new buildings crop up.   There was a view of the Hyatt (always nicely lit, and built in a Nepali architectural style - on Steroids).   Now we have the building on the right.

It was a typical Himalayan sunset last night.   Electricity here in Kathmandu has been much more stable than in the past.   We only have 'load-shedding' - the Nepali term for a planned outage - 2 hours daily.   It was pleasant to hear the families  on the nearby rooftops talking and laughing during last night's blackout.   And the stars last night were magnificent.    A starry, starry night.   

It was nice to run into Rojee (rhymes with Rosie), a good friend of Daniel and mine.   We gave her that shirt she is wearing.    She is 19-years-old, has been in a love marriage for 2 years and plans to start a family in 4 or 5 years.   Way to go Rojee!   When we first met, she was working at this restaurant as a waitress, always cheerful and pleasant.   The restaurant ran into hard times, the owner recommended that she work as a Pashmina salesman nearby, keeping her employed.   Now the restaurant has passed into better times,and they employ her husband as a driver.   So things are rosy for Rojee.  By love marriage, I mean that she met her husband when they were 16, and, over the objections of both families, married.   The family has since reconciled to this and they have had a happy ending.

Most marriages are arranged in Nepal.   Though this sounds barbaric to some Western ears, it actually works out well often, as the family wants the best for their children.

Tune in tomorrow.

If you are thinking of ordering your own Danger Dog or Danger Cat or Danger Chicken, there's no better time.   I am here and visiting artist studios daily, dropping off photos.

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