More Works in Progress. Danger Dogs!
Final Danger Dogs from Raaz! Works in Progress from Megh Raj.

Danger Dogs in Kathmandu - Works in Progress

It was a long day yesterday, starting with my hotel telling me that there was a message.   'Someone has called and said that their work is ready.'   When asked the name of that someone, I got a shrug.   Then I went down the list...'Amar, Raj, Megh Raj, Surya, Ram Krishna, Sufraj...'   'Yes, that's it.'   Of course, it wasn't.  
I ended up going to see most of my artists yesterday, clocking almost 20,000 steps on my pedometer in the process.  Course, I had a great time.

First stop was Amar, where I found him in the fresh air of the rooftop, painting the last of his orders and getting 3 new ones. 

Next stop was at Hari Timsina's shop in Old Baneshwor.   He was finished but had forgotten to sign them, so I'll see him again on Friday.   Here is Duke the Weimaraner, Ziggy the multi-color eyed cat, Grace the Pitbull with a giant smile.

Lucy Wilson by Hari T. is a Dangerously affectionate cat!  

Dilip, just down the street, is not quite ready, but his paintings of Shelby and Nanuk look pretty good.

As do Gus and Sierra.   Love the tongue on Gus and Sierra's breast freckles.   Yes, that's really what they are called.  

Here is the dramatic and beautiful Valki.   Doberman Pinschers are Dilip's favorite type of dog.   Here he captured her intensity.  

Popo as a work in progress by Dilip.   Great smile, Popo.

Jojo and Maggie ready for their close up.   Dilip says it will be another 2 days to finish up with the eyes and lettering.    100_6547
A slow trip across town to Maharajgung and Sufraj's studio.   I had printed a copy of his Obama series up at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and he put it in his window.  

I was early for pick up, but I had gotten that mysterious message.   'Someone is ready.'   I still don't know who it is!   Here is Arrow the Black Lab as a work in progress.

Here is Marbles the calico cat as a work in progress.

At Ram Krishna's studio, I found him hard at work on a piece for a local from the Everest Kennel Club calendar.   That's a cute White Lab. 

That's it for today.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog -- Live from Kathmandu1


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