Scenes from Kathmandu
Ram Krishna comes through

Final Danger Dogs are coming!


Above is the lovely pittbull Sierra.   Zen dog in English, beware of vicious dog in Nepali, this painting by Dilip Niroj just makes me want to rub her breast freckles!  Going clockwise, bottom left is Gus, a White Labrador puppy with her football in the grass by Megh Raj.   Bottom left is Gus by Dilip.   When someone sends me 3 equally good but different options as did Gus' owner, I sometimes choose to make one of each.   In Gus' case above, I gave Dilip a challenge of perspective and he rose to the occasion.   Again that Nepali tongue!   Megh Raj caught Gus' puppy retriever happiness obsession with a ball.   Stay tuned to see what Sabala does with Gus.

These above are all from Megh Raj.   Starting top left and going clockwise:   If this isn't 'Gabby on a Hike' - the title of the photo provided, I don't know what is.   The pure look of happiness on her face, the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains as a backdrop, he captured the twinkle in her eye, and being a man of the mountains himself, I think he empathized with her love of a hike. 

To the immediate right,  we have the lovely Jasper smiling by a brick wall.   Another twinkle in the eye.

Megh Raj next paints the hills of Malibu with it's rolling hills of green and turquoise as a backdrop to the handsome Miles, a prize black Chow.   Megh Raj chose not to include a railing from the original photo to give more of a sense of space.   Here Miles looks happy and Megh Raj included his black tongue.   Every true Danger Dog has a tongue.

Megh Raj seemed most happy to present me with his finished portrait of Cooper the Enlightened Horse.   

Hari Timsina of Old Baneshwor did not disappoint.   Ziggy (named after you know who) really stands out with her lovely eyes.   Duke the Weimaraner is the one I'll keep for myself this trip.   Then we have Grace the Happy pit bull that I fell in love with.   Last but not least is Lucy, a dangerously affectionate Calico cat.  

Hari T was the only one ready (out of 6 who should have been) last Monday when I went round to pick up.   He had only forgot his signature.   Hari not only signed but dated these pieces.

Hari's work just amazes and delights me.   People who commission pets don't always appreciate his work, but he has some big collectors.   Wish I could paint like Hari T.

Again a mix of artists, Top left shows Super Dogs JoJo and Maggie in some Danger Dog firsts.   Not only are they the first Super Dogs, but Maggie wins the crown for being the first cone-head!   In the original photo the two friends are sitting on a lovely teak or oak bench, and you can bet the artists (and their wives) noticed and appreciated the craftsmanship of said bench.

As to Polly, what can I say?   Megh Raj obviously loved this dog's face and it is like a photo in person.

Dilip's Valki, with her direct, intelligent gaze and alert eyes, is the most intimidating of this bunch.   Though she is an Enlightened Dog in English, the Nepali reads 'Dog here is vicious'.

More than any other artist, it appears that Dilip uses a very wet brush.   There are many drip mistakes which he painted over with a deft hand.   You can see his deliberation (aka do-overs) in scale near the ears and especially the rear feet of Nanuk the quite amazingly built Samoyed.   Nanuk has a polar bear body with the smile of a best friend.   A very pretty dog, Dilip chose to put her 'on the rocks'.   In the original photo, a large rock partially obscures her hind legs.   Surely that accounts for the reworking in that area.

Shelby by Raaz and Shelby by Dilip on top.   Someone's going to have a difficult choice here, and there's one more to come.  

I hope Popo isn't a stickler for spelling.   Denger Gog, indeed!   Below right is Popo by Megh Raj and Dilip misspelled the signboard on the far bottom left.  

Hope every one had a good Thanksgiving.   I'm off to one of the best parties of the year here in Kathmandu!   More tomorrow.   Stay tuned!


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