Danger Dogs in Kathmandu - Works in Progress
Giving Thanks for Nepali Dogs and Chickens

Final Danger Dogs from Raaz! Works in Progress from Megh Raj.

It turns out that Raj spells his name Raaz on his paintings.   That's a good thing as I have a lot of potential Raj's.   Didn't get to see Raaz this trip, only his intermediary Karma.  


Above is the final portraits of Shelby, Arrow and Peaches by Raaz.   That is Karma holding the painting of Peaches.

Megh Raj was not finished.   Here he is hard at work on Cooper, the Enlightened Horse.  That dog is always outside sleeping in front of Megh Raj's studio.  

Here are PoPo, Miles, Gabby and Polly (clockwise from top left) by Megh Raj.   Megh Raj is running late, but these are well worth waiting for.

Jasper by Megh Raj as a work in progress.

Here is Gus with his soccer ball as a work in progress by Megh Raj.

Here is a closer version of Popo and Miles the black Chow.   Looks like Miles is in Malibu.

A close up of Cooper as a work in progress.

This just seemed a good example of the old and the new beauty shop signboards.   The old ones are so much more interesting.   And durable.

My 12 kilometer walk the other day resulted in my finding some fine native beware of dog signboards.  

 This is a rare example of a photo decoupaged onto metal.   Wonder how long it will last in the elements.

I noticed many different Danger Dogs painted by the same artist.   This one is on the traditional metal.

This looks like it is by the same artist, though this one is painted on plastic.   I've had artists try to talk me into using the plastic, but I just don't think it will last as long.   Horn dog!

I was happy to find this charming Danger Dog, then just around the corner...

This artist obviously made a couple.

A temporary Beware of Dog sign - to say the least.   This street is in the process of being widened (hence the new wall), and hopefully this will be replaced by a metal sign soon.

Here is an artist who didn't use his imagination.   Some of my earliest Danger Dogs that I ordered for myself in 2004 are modeled after this dog.

Danger Beagle!!!!

Danger Dalmation!

Danger cartoon Dog!

Two more days to order!   Then you will have to wait until next year.   Write me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions, or go to my website at NepalDog.com.


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