Busy day in Kathmandu
Dog Days in Kathmandu

First of the new Danger Dogs

I stopped by to see Amar yesterday.   He had finished his big project (silk-screen printing of an anti-animal sacrifice leaflet for a local protest) and has started his new Dogs.


Above Amar Shrestha puts the finishing touches on Sophie and Stargell.

This is one of my breakfast spots - the Chorten Cafe.   Just off the Stupa, it specializes in Tibetan delicacies such as Tibetan bread and momos - a type of Tibetan ravioli stuffed with meat, cheese, mushrooms or vegetables.

The stupa is so photogenic, I just cannot resist.  

The good news is that Nabin has started his series of Danger Dogs.   The bad news is that he is painting over existing 'Beware of Dog' signboards to do it.  

Had dinner with an old friend and his Nepali Chinese Pug named Foo.   Foo hates a flash, so here he is in the dark.   This pug is full of personality and is very well behaved.  

We had dinner Nepali style, a thali of rice, greens, lentils and a homegrown salad from the garden.

Stopped off to see if Raj has finished anything only to find Bir (above) minding the store.   I'll check back again tomorrow.

The dusty, dusty road to my guest house.   Nice uniforms on the schoolgirls, though.

On my pre-dinner walk, I came across these two boys playing guitar.   They play quite well, I might add.

Today, I am going on a long walk into an old section of town, looking for native Danger Dog signboards on the gates.   Then it is off to the Lazimpat Gallery Cafe for drinks and dancing.   More tomorrow.

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