Final Danger Dogs from Raaz! Works in Progress from Megh Raj.
Scenes from Kathmandu

Giving Thanks for Nepali Dogs and Chickens


This little Lhasa Apso is named Happy and she lives with her parents and sister in Kathmandu.   She was born in the bedroom, the third and smallest of the litter and has never ventured off the property. 

The signboard hangs outside Happy's house.   A remnant of a previous owner who had larger dogs.

This lovely and friendly Chinese pug lives just around the corner from Raaz' studio.    100_6581
Here he plays with his similarly clothed friend.   No question about who rules this roost.

Dogs get to be dogs in Kathmandu.   I followed this guy for blocks as he made his rounds.

Lucky takes a rest from his busy day of chasing birds and getting treats from monks at the Dungkar Gardens Restaurant. 

On to other species, this Japanese Bantam and his wife live at the Buzz Cafe, a restaurant behind an old house here in Kathmandu.   They are enjoying the spinach-like greens.

They found a roost, and I was enjoying watching them  when I noticed...

...a little green parrot on the other chair.   The parrot did not look like it had had it's wings clipped, so he must be happy there.

Soon, the tiny hen jumped up to see what I had on my table.

Short post today as I have a bit of the Kathmandu Krud - a slight runny nose, a sore neck and rundown.   Got to rest up for this weekends' Thanksgiving parties.


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I love dogs ... I have two English Bulldogs called Chandler and Sedona are my life ... ... I hope to have new news on your beautiful blog

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