Danger Dogs in Manhattan!
Three of a kind! Which would you choose?

Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!


G.G. the Lady Bug stopped by to pick up another of her portraits.   She had a hard time deciding but finally settled on the painting of her at the beach by Hari Timsina.  


I think she made the right choice.   G.G. is one of those dogs who are comfortable in costume obviously!

Earlier in the day, I was watching the set up of the Santa Monica Museum's Halloween Halla Gala party.   The decor included taxidermied chickens who looked live as their feathers blew in the wind.


It's been awhile since my last American Halloween, and I enjoyed this one wholeheartedly.  

25th Street in Santa Monica goes all out on Halloween.   Last night was no exception.   Here a man adjusts the head of a ghoul.


Graveyards and colored lights were a common theme.  

Pumpkins and witches...

Avery, the French Bulldog, was in his prison garb.

This man came as trash TV.   101_6113
I like this close up better.   Much more mysterious.   But you can't see the TV!

Here I am dressed as a 1960's Pan Am Stewardess.   On 25th St, I ran into a lady who used to work at Pan Am then and she enjoyed the costume.   Also a man who's mother used to be a stew in those days.    I got lots of compliments on the costume.   I also got to wear lots of eye makeup!    Dan was a TWA pilot, and you can spot him in the wide shot of the Trash TV man holding his cup of grog.  

I'm flying off to Nepal soon.   Any questions, comments or, best of all, orders can be placed by contacting me at [email protected].    This will be a shorter trip than usual, so get those orders in early.  

Each commission of your pet will be given to 3 signboard artists in Nepal who will paint your pet on metal.   You can choose which of the 3 you prefer, and then, and only then, you pay me, I send you your pet's portrait.   3 artists get work, 3 choices are yours, the rest goes to folk art collectors.   Satisfaction guaranteed.

By the way, all artists are paid Fair Trade wages - they set the price.   Whether you buy their work or not, they are paid.   Also, a portion of all proceeds goes to support various charities.  

Nepal Dogs are for pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference.   Micro-finance through art patronage!


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italian mastiff owner

The French bulldog is so cute.
I'd like to have one.
Dogs are really indeed mans bestfriend.


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