Odd days in Kathmandu
Busy day in Kathmandu


Today, I went far afield for the first time, crossing a wide swath of Kathmandu in minibuses.

First stop:  Sufraj's studio.   Sufraj was out but his wife and daughter were manning the store.  Here his daughter gives me a shy smile.   Sufraj is an artist who chose this profession because he wanted to, rather than having had the profession passed down as the family business.   His wife was watching a YouTube excerpt from a Hindi movie.

Next, around the corner to Ram Krishna's.   He was in the street and had a big smile when he saw me.   Notice the rather dramatic large portrait of Ram K in his sunglasses above right.   This is the first time I've showed up at his studio and not interrupted a game of chess.

My favorite moment of the whole day came when Dilip (above with his wife) said that he 'enjoyed painting the Dogs'.   When I first found him, he wanted to sell me the stenciled version that I dislike so much.   Then he insisted on only painting Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds.   While I still give him what I like to call 'Dog's Dogs' rather than more frou frou types, his masculine style of art is one of my favorites.   I once gave him a cat to paint, and when I came back, all the dogs were done and he was slowly starting the cat.   The cat turned out so well that it was chosen by the owner.

The last few nights round the stupa, I have noticed one house with many butter lamps on their balcony as a part of their personal puja (offering for good wishes).   Very pretty.

This sporting goods shop is a nighttime meeting place for these dogs.

Sunrise from the rooftop of the Dragon Guest House in Boudha.

I also got to order from my old friend Hari Timsina today.

Please get your orders in soon if you can.   Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for any questions.  Or visit my website at NepalDog.com.


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