Ram Krishna comes through
More final Danger Dogs!

Kathmandu Dogs and Danger Dogs!


Saw this cute little Lhasa Apso on the way to work yesterday.  

Monkeys, cats, ducks, chickens, cows and buffalo - these are the animals I see everyday on the streets of Kathmandu.

I got a lot of new native signboards on my long walk the other day.   Somehow I like this one even without a dog figure.

Here the original sign is almost obscured.   At least they treat the Everest Kennel Club sign the same way.

Danger Afghan!   These signboards I believe were predecessors of the German Shepherd Everest Kennel Club signs.   I find these in various deteriorating conditions all over town.

An adaptive reuse of the ubiquitous sign.   Kind of cute, though.

These signs are all from the neighborhood of the Everest Kennel Club.   This is a version of the Kennel Club sign, too.

Here is the same sign a little worse for wear.

You have to like this cute Danger Dog!

Here is the REAL Everest Kennel Club signboard.   Quite impressive.   Wish they'd put this one on every corner.   Guess I should be careful what I wish for.

Wish someone had taken better care of this.   Ke garne?   (What to do? in Nepali).

More tomorrow.   I should be picking up a lot of signs today.   Stay tuned.


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