Kathmandu Dogs and Danger Dogs!
Three-of-a-Kind -- Done Dogs!

More final Danger Dogs!

Yesterday was fabulous as I traveled across the Kathmandu Valley picking up Danger Dogs.    100_6688

First, we have the adorable Sport aka Good Boy in two of his incarnations by Sabala (top left) and Nara (top right ).   Bo Obama by Sabala is there on the bottom in green.   I'm sending it to Barack Obama as a gift.   Does anyone have any idea how to insure he actually sees it?   I still have that picture of a Danger Dog signboard guarding the White House -- maybe it can ward off uninvited gatecrashers.

Above is Stella in two of her guises by (top left) Sabala and (top right) Nara.   Below is the charming portrait of Jack the Black Lab by Sufraj.   I like the way Sufraj has included Jack's nametag.

Next we have Frank Zappa, Belle and Gracie all by Sufraj.   (clockwise from top left.)

Here, all by Sabala, are Compass, Rudy and Red.   It is interesting that so far all of Red's portraits have a reddish background, without the artists being told Red's name.  I really like the way Rudy commands his portrait, with his feet going outside the frame.

Danger Cats are not to be neglected during this trip.   Above we have (clockwise from top left) Zia the black Danger Cat, Lula, a Tonkinese Zen Kitty - both by Sufraj.   The bottom two paintings are Marble the Calico Cat by Nara (bottom right) and Sufraj (bottom left).

Peaches (all descriptions clockwise from top left) has a peachy glow in this portrait.   Arrow the Black Lab wears a rhinestone collar, Ruthie relaxes and the Super Dogs, Jojo and Maggie pull up the rear.  All paintings in this photo are by Nara.

Again by Nara, this photo features (clockwise from top left) Grover, Rudy and Miles the Black Chow.

More by Sabala:   The finished portrait of Jasper, which I was able to document the first layer of painting earlier in this blog, Scooter and Cheeto - a pair of Danger Cats, and Wallechinski the Teddy Bear.  

The top two portraits of Nanuq and Red are by Ram Krishna.   He had not finished the Nepali writing, so I'll pick the balance of his work today.   Below is a double portrait of Lucky and Odi by Sufraj and Sufraj's portrait of Fugg.

Last but not least, still drying on the rooftop is Grover and Gabby by Sabala.  

On the way in to work this morning, I saw these young boys with their puppy named Rocky!

Lots to pick up today.   Check in tomorrow when I begin the series 'Three of a kind' - see which one you would choose!   I should have at least 12 complete sets.   Stop in and tell your friends!


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