Another beautiful day in Boudha

Odd days in Kathmandu

First, the good news.   I found another beautiful native 'beware of dog' signboard.   101_6225

This one appears to be fairly new and  a fine example of the 'beware of tongue' tradition that is popular here.   Tongues are more frequent than teeth! 

Now for the bad.  One reason that you are not seeing many new photos of these signs is that these are difficult times for the Nepalis, making me stay close to home.     Not having my husband to accompany me compounds the problem.

The Maoists - while part of the official government now - are blockading the streets, most recently the Home Minster's building which was made impassible for 2 days.   They threaten to do so again in a few days.   Many many cadres of Maoists have been brought out from the countryside.   This is not a direct threat to tourists like me, but makes travel far afield risky, as I may not be able to get back home to Boudha.   It completely restricts the possibility of travel to Pokhara, as the perimeter roads feeding Kathmandu Valley were cut off last week, making for a long walk with luggage back into town.  

For those of you who have requested artists in Pokhara, I hope you understand.   Next trip!


Love the painting of the Tibetan hillside.   Hate the stenciled sign!


A dog feeding frenzy with orbs!   This Tibetan granny feeds the street dogs every evening.  


In the midst of the throngs who are circling the Boudha Stupa, she feeds them.   They are surprisingly patient while waiting their turn, and the Amahla (Tibetan for 'revered mother') makes sure the bounty is fairly shared. 
This little guy barked at me on the way to breakfast this morning.    101_6243
His friend ignored me.

More tomorrow.   I'm off to order from more artists today.

Please get your orders in soon, if you intend to.   This trip is more of a challenge than others, but I will still promise satisfaction.

Write to me at for more information and to order.   You can also check out for more photos of this Fair Trade Art Project.

Micro-finance through art patronage.


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