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Giving Thanks for Nepali Dogs and Chickens


This little Lhasa Apso is named Happy and she lives with her parents and sister in Kathmandu.   She was born in the bedroom, the third and smallest of the litter and has never ventured off the property. 

The signboard hangs outside Happy's house.   A remnant of a previous owner who had larger dogs.

This lovely and friendly Chinese pug lives just around the corner from Raaz' studio.    100_6581
Here he plays with his similarly clothed friend.   No question about who rules this roost.

Dogs get to be dogs in Kathmandu.   I followed this guy for blocks as he made his rounds.

Lucky takes a rest from his busy day of chasing birds and getting treats from monks at the Dungkar Gardens Restaurant. 

On to other species, this Japanese Bantam and his wife live at the Buzz Cafe, a restaurant behind an old house here in Kathmandu.   They are enjoying the spinach-like greens.

They found a roost, and I was enjoying watching them  when I noticed...

...a little green parrot on the other chair.   The parrot did not look like it had had it's wings clipped, so he must be happy there.

Soon, the tiny hen jumped up to see what I had on my table.

Short post today as I have a bit of the Kathmandu Krud - a slight runny nose, a sore neck and rundown.   Got to rest up for this weekends' Thanksgiving parties.

Final Danger Dogs from Raaz! Works in Progress from Megh Raj.

It turns out that Raj spells his name Raaz on his paintings.   That's a good thing as I have a lot of potential Raj's.   Didn't get to see Raaz this trip, only his intermediary Karma.  


Above is the final portraits of Shelby, Arrow and Peaches by Raaz.   That is Karma holding the painting of Peaches.

Megh Raj was not finished.   Here he is hard at work on Cooper, the Enlightened Horse.  That dog is always outside sleeping in front of Megh Raj's studio.  

Here are PoPo, Miles, Gabby and Polly (clockwise from top left) by Megh Raj.   Megh Raj is running late, but these are well worth waiting for.

Jasper by Megh Raj as a work in progress.

Here is Gus with his soccer ball as a work in progress by Megh Raj.

Here is a closer version of Popo and Miles the black Chow.   Looks like Miles is in Malibu.

A close up of Cooper as a work in progress.

This just seemed a good example of the old and the new beauty shop signboards.   The old ones are so much more interesting.   And durable.

My 12 kilometer walk the other day resulted in my finding some fine native beware of dog signboards.  

 This is a rare example of a photo decoupaged onto metal.   Wonder how long it will last in the elements.

I noticed many different Danger Dogs painted by the same artist.   This one is on the traditional metal.

This looks like it is by the same artist, though this one is painted on plastic.   I've had artists try to talk me into using the plastic, but I just don't think it will last as long.   Horn dog!

I was happy to find this charming Danger Dog, then just around the corner...

This artist obviously made a couple.

A temporary Beware of Dog sign - to say the least.   This street is in the process of being widened (hence the new wall), and hopefully this will be replaced by a metal sign soon.

Here is an artist who didn't use his imagination.   Some of my earliest Danger Dogs that I ordered for myself in 2004 are modeled after this dog.

Danger Beagle!!!!

Danger Dalmation!

Danger cartoon Dog!

Two more days to order!   Then you will have to wait until next year.   Write me at with any questions, or go to my website at

Danger Dogs in Kathmandu - Works in Progress

It was a long day yesterday, starting with my hotel telling me that there was a message.   'Someone has called and said that their work is ready.'   When asked the name of that someone, I got a shrug.   Then I went down the list...'Amar, Raj, Megh Raj, Surya, Ram Krishna, Sufraj...'   'Yes, that's it.'   Of course, it wasn't.  
I ended up going to see most of my artists yesterday, clocking almost 20,000 steps on my pedometer in the process.  Course, I had a great time.

First stop was Amar, where I found him in the fresh air of the rooftop, painting the last of his orders and getting 3 new ones. 

Next stop was at Hari Timsina's shop in Old Baneshwor.   He was finished but had forgotten to sign them, so I'll see him again on Friday.   Here is Duke the Weimaraner, Ziggy the multi-color eyed cat, Grace the Pitbull with a giant smile.

Lucy Wilson by Hari T. is a Dangerously affectionate cat!  

Dilip, just down the street, is not quite ready, but his paintings of Shelby and Nanuk look pretty good.

As do Gus and Sierra.   Love the tongue on Gus and Sierra's breast freckles.   Yes, that's really what they are called.  

Here is the dramatic and beautiful Valki.   Doberman Pinschers are Dilip's favorite type of dog.   Here he captured her intensity.  

Popo as a work in progress by Dilip.   Great smile, Popo.

Jojo and Maggie ready for their close up.   Dilip says it will be another 2 days to finish up with the eyes and lettering.    100_6547
A slow trip across town to Maharajgung and Sufraj's studio.   I had printed a copy of his Obama series up at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and he put it in his window.  

I was early for pick up, but I had gotten that mysterious message.   'Someone is ready.'   I still don't know who it is!   Here is Arrow the Black Lab as a work in progress.

Here is Marbles the calico cat as a work in progress.

At Ram Krishna's studio, I found him hard at work on a piece for a local from the Everest Kennel Club calendar.   That's a cute White Lab. 

That's it for today.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog -- Live from Kathmandu1

More Works in Progress. Danger Dogs!

Everyone is a bit late in finishing their work.    100_6457

Here are Wallechinski the Teddy Bear and Ruthie awaiting their final touches at Nabin's studio.  

Grover, a bearded collie mix before his lettering.   Notice that Nabin has recycled his metal for the piece.

A more complete JoJo and Maggie by Amar Shreshta.   The blue rectangles are the next project for the studio - silk-screened address plates.   Surya Studio has an order for 4000 of these, and obviously, so does Amar's.   I'll find out more later.   Amar still has to add the background colors and lettering, and these Danger Dogs (and Cat) will be completed.    100_6460
A typical street scene capped with a lovely native Danger Dog signboard.

Stopped by to see Megh Raj.    No much progress on these signs, but at least he is set up a and ready to go.   This dog is often seen sleeping here by Megh Raj's shop.   Polly is on the easel, and Miles, the black chow is ready to go next.   Megh has just fixed up his shop, with new partitions and paint.   Not sure who the little boy is.  

An old veterinary shop sign on the main road.

A friend's bantam rooster.  

These chickens are not much bigger than pigeons.   Especially that little black female.

I stopped the bus early and heard a band and a wedding in progress.   I walked down the street and was invited up to the rooftop of this school where everyone was gathered to watch the festivities.   The school was filthy, poorly built, with no railings for the staircases.

But the hallways were filled with artwork.   Notice the green shoots coming up from the stairs.

Some advice is better than others.

The kids here were reluctant to talk which means that they are not teaching English at this school.

Anyway, the artist has his distinct style.

I could go on forever, I took lots of photos of this school.    100_6499
Hamro means 'our' in Nepali.  

Exterior of the school.   The only thing I thought as I walked up those stairs is 'earthquake'.

Here is the man who invited me up to the roof and the snow capped Himalayas in the background.    100_6507
Next, after the hubbub had died down at the wedding, and the marriage car and band had left, I stopped by to watch them clean up after the party, where I ran into this merry band of celebrants -- the little girls all looked beautiful in their wedding party best.   

There must have been a dog (or 2) somewhere here once.  

Last but not least, this handsome boy demurely sits on the warm brick that surrounds the Boudhanath stupa, blithely ignoring the bustle that passes.  

More tomorrow.   Only 3 more days to order!   Send me your Danger Dog files today!  Any questions or comments should be send to me at   Cheers!!!

Exciting Days in Kathmandu

Yesterday was one in a million.   The good news is that I was able to watch Sabala paint the first layer of two paintings.  100_6398

Here Sabala starts on his portrait of Bo Obama, the First Dog. 

It was fascinating to see how he mixed the colors.

Here he finishes what is the first of 3 layers.   Once this is dry, he adds more touches, and will do a third finishing layer.

Sabala begins by doing a rough sketch with light brushstrokes defining the general outline. 

Here, working on the portrait of the lovely Jasper, he adds color highlights.

It was fun to watch Jasper begin to emerge on the hot rooftop where Sabala was painting.   It was also good to be warm.   Kathmandu is 5 degrees centigrade at night, but it warms up nicely in the daytime.

Sabala always dresses in orange from head to toe.   Originally from Kerala in India, he is one of my premiere artists.

The first layer is finished!

When I showed Sabala this photo, he said 'Black and White'.   I would have said short and tall! 

Meanwhile, back in Boudha, Amar and his paintings of Emma, the Catahoula Leopard dog in the snow, Ruthie and Lucy are underway.

Shelby, Sophie and Stargell, and Compass here as works in progress by Amar Shrestha.

Amar begins his drawing of Jojo and Maggie again on a rooftop.

On a funny note, here is Surya Prasai, owner of Surya Art, in his latest role as a victim of lung disease in a Kollywood production.   Kathmandu's film industry is still in its infancy, but Surya plays many roles - in this film he dies, in another he showed me, he plays a big brother to a young bride.   He says he makes little money in these roles, but enjoys them immensely.

I walked miles yesterday, looking for some native Danger Dog signs, but came up mostly empty handed.   This little Danger Corgi is an exception.   A different take of the ubiquitous stenciled signs, it is a welcome change.  

Took the bus to the end of the line yesterday and ended up in Gokarna, an old community surrounded by a forest that is growing quickly.   The little girl with wet hair spoke great English and wondered what I could possibly be doing so far away from the tourist areas.   Children here are not afraid to talk to strangers, that's for sure.

Check out the eyes on this signboard!

Here we are at the 'Headache Beauty Salon'.   What could possibly have caused them to choose such an unhappy picture?


Last night, around the Boudha stupa, there was a massive demonstration protesting an upcoming mass animal sacrifice at Bara.   Brought out the orbs.

A monk swings his scensor.   The Gadhimai Mela in Bara takes place every 5 years and is a mass slaughter of animals to appease the goddess Gadhimai.   Many Buddhists and animal activists are up in arms. 

The stupa was festooned with lights under a lovely crescent moon.

This last photo is for Daniel.   Shorty is alive and well and hanging out with his friend.   Shorty is the red and white dog, who lives near us in Boudha.   He hates being called Shorty!

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