Final Danger Dogs are coming!
Kathmandu Dogs and Danger Dogs!

Ram Krishna comes through

Last week, I was a bit worried since Ram Krishna hadn't even started his 7 pieces.    But yesterday....

Here he has captured perfectly Red, a wolfhound, Ziggy and Jasper.   More hard choices to come.

Nanuq, Compass and Rudy look pretty good, too.   All of these are by Ram Krishna.

Lastly we have the anonymous Nepali calendar boy Labrador Retriever (from the Everest Kennel Club Calendar here in Kathmandu) and that is Sport peaking out from under a cloth.   All of the above three pictures are still awaiting Nepali writing and then they will be ready.   I'm glad that Ram Krishna is getting work from local foreigners here, and if she doesn't buy that White Lab, I will!

The current decoration in my Kathmandu Kitchen.

While walking to lunch at a friend's on the other side of town, I passed this studio, which says ART in Nepali in big letters.   I thought I might just check it out.   I already have two artists named Hari, but maybe he has an existing dog sign that I can look at or buy.

Much to my surprise there were -- my own Danger Dogs Emma and Coco!   Both as works in progress.

Stargell and Sophie were also on the wall.   Looks like there's a new artist in the family, as Hari Prasad introduced me to his son, Jay (pronounced Jai), who he said painted the portrait of Coco on the right.   Looks like he painted both, or is copying his dad's style.

Jay Prasad, the budding signboard painter.   I am happy to have him aboard.

Jack, the Black Lab, as a work in progress.  

Above is Hari Prasad, who I consider my 'urban painter', and I can't attach an example here while in Kathmandu to explain why.   But his work gives off an urban feel, the dogs seem to be on the sidewalk and not in a field, like some.

A self-portrait of Hari P and his wife.    He is proud enough of this one to take it off the shelf and show it to me.  

Saw lots of Danger Dogs on my 12 Kilometer walk, but that is for a later blog.  

I did find out where Gwyneth Paltrow gets her hair done while in Kathmandu.   It is nice of her to patronize a beauty training center.

Stopped in at the top of the morning only to find Amar with a smoky fire ablaze to warm his hands.   Only paper, no plastic, thank goodness.   That's Gracie on the easel.

Through the smoke, you can see Stargell, Emma the Catahoula Leopard Dog, Rudy, and Lucy the Calico on the top row, Shelby, a glowing Compass with a green aura and Fugg below.   All by Amar Shrestha and waiting for their lettering.

Through the smoke, you can see Frank Zappa, Sophie and Stargell and Emma from the top left.  

Bottom row is Belle, Jojo and Maggie, Shelby and Compass.

More tomorrow.   Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.   Tune in this week, as I will be getting in all the final Danger Dogs.   Heading into my last week here in Kathmandu.   Lots of work to do, glad I had my flu or cold or whatever last week.   This one will be intense.   In a good way.

Any questions or comments please contact me at   Thanks for supporting the Nepali artists.


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