Giving Thanks for Nepali Dogs and Chickens
Final Danger Dogs are coming!

Scenes from Kathmandu


The mountains on view from a friend's rooftop.   This time of the year is considered the best to get a glimpse of the white capped Himalayas.   The serious pollution of the Kathmandu Valley often obscures them now, as compared to the 80's when I first visited.

This is the little Cyber Cafe in Boudha where I gave my interview for  BBC's PRI 'The World' with Marco Werman.   Many people here are wearing face masks to guard against the swine flu.   There are rumors that a child here in Boudha died last week from the H1N1 virus.

A recycled tailor's signboard.

I go around the Boudhanath stupa in a clockwise circumnavigation at least 6 times per day.   3 times for myself, and 3 for Daniel.

This dog was sleeping outside is butcher shop and immediately started barking after I took his photo.   Attack labrador!

I found this lady herding the three baby goats outside of Jorpati.   The mother is seen on the left, hurrying away from her kids.

More signboards of the traditional kind.

Way down below by the river, you can see a cremation in progress.   I like to keep my distance and give privacy, but I watched a while from this high viewpoint.   It's nice to see that they are refurbishing this temple.  

I was not feeling well the last couple of days so I just sat in my room reading and sleeping, leaving only to eat and get on the internet.   I seem to have made a complete recovery, and will have a great blog tomorrow as I am off on a grand adventure today, covering lots of territory. 

This cycle of the Danger Dogs is  now officially closed.   But you can order for the next trip at any time. 


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