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Be Aware of Bo Obama!


In November, 2008, I commissioned a limited edition series of Folk Art Obamas, by 10 of my realistic artists and was very pleased with the results.   I thought it only fair that Bo Obama not be left out of the process.   Bo makes a charming Danger Dog!

I'd love to donate this portrait of Bo to President Obama.   Any ideas of how to get this to him would be greatly appreciated.   I think Malia and Sasha would like it, too.   Imagine the White House gate with a Nepali signboard warning off White House gatecrashers!  The president told Oprah last night that he gives great presents - this would qualify.  

Up on a sunny rooftop in Kathmandu, Sabala begins by painting a rough outline of Bo, the president's Portuguese Water Dog.  

Giving Bo a touch of blue, Sabala paints quickly and confidently.  

The process was fascinating to watch.   Dressed in orange from head to toe, Sabala hails from Kerala in South India.   He speaks Hindu and English fluently, but not Nepali.

Bo Obama is starting to take shape here.

With the background filled in, Sabala is ready to let this first layer dry and begin work on a second piece.   Sabala paints his Nepali signboards in three layers:   a first base coat, a second layer of detail, and the final finishing touches.    I had never watched an artist create an image, though I've seen many works in progress by these artists.   The difference in their style of putting the paint on metal is just as great as the difference in their results.

Here is Sabala on this very same rooftop with his adopted son Sonu in November 2008.   This was the very first of the Folk Art Obamas that I saw, and I knew that the project would work after seeing this great portrait.  

The Folk Art Obama series of 26 were very popular at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.    For more information on this museum, please go to    They only have a few Folk Art Obamas left, so hurry!

For more information on the Danger Dog project, please contact me at, and visit my website at


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