Still more Danger Dogs to come!
Back in Santa Monica and settled in

Big trouble in Kathmandu City

Today I leave for the airport.   It's a late flight, leaving at 10 pm, but there has been a Chakra Bandh called for today and tomorrow!   Chakra means 'wheel' and bandh means 'strike'.   No wheeled vehicles!   How to get to the airport with my 120 pounds of luggage?   (Those Danger Dogs weigh a ton.)

On a happier note, Ziggy Stardust in all his glory from Sabala, Ram Krishna and Hari Timsina.   (Clockwise from top left.)

Valki the Enlightened Doberman Pinscher by Sabala, Sanjib Rana and Dilip.

Polly by Sabala, Sanjib Rana and Megh Raj.

Popo by Sabala, Megh Raj and Dilip.

Gus the White Labrador Retriever in three different poses by three different artists:   Megh Raj, Dilip and Sabala.

Arrow, a black lab, by Sabala, Nara and Raaz.

Emma, a Catahula Leopard Dog in the snow, by Amar, Sabala and Hari Prasad.

Nanuq, the friendly Samoyed by Ram Krishna, Dilip and Sabala.

Miles, a black Chow, by Sabala, Nara and Megh Raj.

Sierra, an Enlightened Pit Bull, by Dilip, Sagar and Sabala.

Here is Jack the Black lab with a favorite toy,  by Megh Raj and Dilip.   

Better get off this computer and try to arrange some transport!!!!

This has been a great Danger Dog trip with lots of great paintings commissioned.   I'll be back twice next year if you'd like your own Danger Dog or Danger Cat done.   Please contact me at  with any comments, questions or orders.   Also check out the Danger Dog website at

Wish me luck on getting to the airport!


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