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Boxing Day Boxers Extraordinaire!

Christmas for me is about Boxers, not boxes.   In honor of Boxing Day, here is an essay on Siggy and his Christmas -- which for Siggy is all about him!


Siggy is our official greeter here in San Diego where, more often than not, we spend the Christmas season.

Siggy's Christmas present by Sabala.   In person this is more of a subtle chartreuse background, which goes perfectly with Siggy's living room.

Siggy in an intense look.   I think when I took this photo he was expecting some food and all he got was a flashbulb in his face.   This is one of the rare portraits of Siggy that is still available.   By Nara.

Here Siggy can't help but kibbutz and give his advice, while distracting me from my task at hand.  He has many talents but cards is not one of them.

Susie's fantastic Filo dough creation is filled with feta, eggs and a spinach dill combo.   Siggy approved.

Siggy loves to open presents, and he can smell which are his!   He opened three patiently yesterday, getting almost as much pleasure out of the process as the present.

Moving on to other boxers, here is Tonks by Sufraj.   Available.

From the same photo as previous, Ramesh painted Tonks.   Also available.

Bubba in a menacing mood -- a skeletal boxer by the studio owner Surya.   Available.

This portrait of a Nepali Boxer is by Mohan.    This dog was featured in the 2007 Everest Kennel Club Calendar and I had Mohan paint all 6 of that year's Calendar Dogs.   I'm not sure what caused that pink tail.  Mohan's work is very elegant and always features a dark shadow under the dogs.

Back to Bubba, this time by Mahesh.   This piece is on very sturdy heavy metal, but is quite a bit smaller than normal at 6 x 10 inches.

Bubba with a sidelong glance by Gyan.    A very different take on the same photo of Bubba as the previous portrait by Ramesh.

Still opening presents!

Here he is in his final pensive moment.

And a kiss goodbye wishing you a Happy Boxer's Day!


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Rod Mesa

Happy Holidays to you and Dan! Wishing you all the best in the new year!

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