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December 2009

Why I love Nepal -- More Dogs on Gates

The Danger Dog portraits are made to be placed outside.

This one was extra large!   But it still has that famous Nepalese tongue.

What I love about the native Danger Dogs is how they weather.

Now that the Christmas/New Year's rush is over, I'm thinking about my next book and will include these Beware of Dog signs.   I'm thinking big on this book, and would like to get it to Phaidon Books or Taschen Books.   Any contacts at either of these art publishers would be appreciated.   

Here I am with another giant Danger Dog.    I believe this is a dog training facility.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Questions, comments or requests are appreciated either below or you can write me directly at  

I'm also updating my website and adding new available dog movies on Nepal Dog's  YouTube Channel daily.   Just added a slideshow of available Danger Cats today.   You might want to check them out or even subscribe so that you can see the new ones as I post them.

Boxing Day Boxers Extraordinaire!

Christmas for me is about Boxers, not boxes.   In honor of Boxing Day, here is an essay on Siggy and his Christmas -- which for Siggy is all about him!


Siggy is our official greeter here in San Diego where, more often than not, we spend the Christmas season.

Siggy's Christmas present by Sabala.   In person this is more of a subtle chartreuse background, which goes perfectly with Siggy's living room.

Siggy in an intense look.   I think when I took this photo he was expecting some food and all he got was a flashbulb in his face.   This is one of the rare portraits of Siggy that is still available.   By Nara.

Here Siggy can't help but kibbutz and give his advice, while distracting me from my task at hand.  He has many talents but cards is not one of them.

Susie's fantastic Filo dough creation is filled with feta, eggs and a spinach dill combo.   Siggy approved.

Siggy loves to open presents, and he can smell which are his!   He opened three patiently yesterday, getting almost as much pleasure out of the process as the present.

Moving on to other boxers, here is Tonks by Sufraj.   Available.

From the same photo as previous, Ramesh painted Tonks.   Also available.

Bubba in a menacing mood -- a skeletal boxer by the studio owner Surya.   Available.

This portrait of a Nepali Boxer is by Mohan.    This dog was featured in the 2007 Everest Kennel Club Calendar and I had Mohan paint all 6 of that year's Calendar Dogs.   I'm not sure what caused that pink tail.  Mohan's work is very elegant and always features a dark shadow under the dogs.

Back to Bubba, this time by Mahesh.   This piece is on very sturdy heavy metal, but is quite a bit smaller than normal at 6 x 10 inches.

Bubba with a sidelong glance by Gyan.    A very different take on the same photo of Bubba as the previous portrait by Ramesh.

Still opening presents!

Here he is in his final pensive moment.

And a kiss goodbye wishing you a Happy Boxer's Day!

Moose the Rottweiler - Danger Dog!

Moose is a model Rottweiler.


Here is Moose as a puppy captured by Sufraj Khadka.   Available.

Again by Sufraj, here Moose is in profile and a good deal older.   Available.

Moose as painted by Asha.  Available.

From the same photo as above, here is Govinda's portrait of Moose the Rottweiler.   Available.

Back to the puppy stage by Ram Krishna Chaudhury.   Available.

Alas, I said goodbye to this Moose today.   But he's going to a good home.  

If you would like me to feature a particular breed, or would like to know what's available, please contact me at  

I will be going back to Nepal to order more Danger Dogs twice next year, but it never hurts to get in on the ground floor.   I don't accept any money until after you choose which of the 3 portraits that I will commission on your behalf.   No bad karma here!  

I am working on updating my website at, and any suggestions will be taken to heart!   Please help support the Nepali artists.

Happy holidays to everyone.  

Dogs of the Day - Black Labradors Jack and Arrow


This is Arrow, a black lab with the sweetest personality.   She is soft and friendly, and wears a beautiful rhinestone collar.   This portrait of Arrow by Nara is still available.   The Nepali writing says 'Dharma Dog'.

Raaz weighs in with his version of Arrow.   This photo of Arrow is a particularly appropriate one for the Nepali artist as it is traditional for them to include a tongue in their native Danger Dog signboards.    This portrait by Raaz is also available.

Dharma Dog Jack, a black lab that dearly loves the beach in Santa Barbara, as painted by Hari Prasad.   Again, the artist features Jack's lovely starred collar.    Available!

Also available, by Sufraj, is Jack with his name tag id!

Another version of Jack by Megh Raj.    Megh Raj captures the mischievous look in Jack's eyes as he plays with a favorite toy.    Jack by Megh Raj is available.

Just for fun, here is Shree's version of a black lab (Layla) with a dramatic border.    Shree has a primitive style that I love.    Shree always underlines his signature with a paint brush.   Available.

I love black labrador retrievers.

If you'd like to see more Danger Dogs, or want to know what is available of a particular breed, please contact me at

Have a great holiday season!

Polly: Dog of the Day!

Today, I would like to honor the sweet Polly as 'Dog of the Day'.

Here is the portrait (by Megh Raj) that her owners chose.   Turns out Polly is a Sharpei/Labrador mix.   She loved sniffing around the house, watching the chickens in the yard, trying to find a way out.   She has a distinctive muzzle and all three artists captured her look.

Here she looks up from her travels in the kitchen trying to find a way out to get to those chickens!   

Polly as a work in progress.

You can see how difficult the choice was.   Sabala, Sanjib Rana and Megh Raj all caught Polly.

While at the bank today, I couldn't help but notice and admire this dog, patiently sitting and waiting for his owner.  

Happy holidays to everyone of you and best wishes from all the Danger Dogs!