Dogs of the Day - Black Labradors Jack and Arrow
Boxing Day Boxers Extraordinaire!

Moose the Rottweiler - Danger Dog!

Moose is a model Rottweiler.


Here is Moose as a puppy captured by Sufraj Khadka.   Available.

Again by Sufraj, here Moose is in profile and a good deal older.   Available.

Moose as painted by Asha.  Available.

From the same photo as above, here is Govinda's portrait of Moose the Rottweiler.   Available.

Back to the puppy stage by Ram Krishna Chaudhury.   Available.

Alas, I said goodbye to this Moose today.   But he's going to a good home.  

If you would like me to feature a particular breed, or would like to know what's available, please contact me at  

I will be going back to Nepal to order more Danger Dogs twice next year, but it never hurts to get in on the ground floor.   I don't accept any money until after you choose which of the 3 portraits that I will commission on your behalf.   No bad karma here!  

I am working on updating my website at, and any suggestions will be taken to heart!   Please help support the Nepali artists.

Happy holidays to everyone.  


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