Three-of-a-kind -- Even More Danger Dogs!
Big trouble in Kathmandu City

Still more Danger Dogs to come!


Gracie by Sufraj, Amar Shrestha and Megh Raj.   All photos clockwise from top left.

Belle by Amar Shrestha, Sufraj and Megh Raj.

Frank Zappa by Amar Shrestha, Sufraj and Megh Raj.   Pretty tough choices, no?

Found this sketch of the lovely Belle in Megh Raj' studio while picking up.  

Miles the Black Chow in all his glory!   By Sabala.   Had a problem yesterday where all of Sabala's last few are wet.   So they will sit on the rooftop drying yet another day.   Can't complain about the workmanship, only about the timing!

Polly almost dry by Sabala.   

Emma the Catahula Leopard Dog in the snow, and Nanuq the friendly giant Samoyed on the rocks!  By Sabala, of course.

Sabala's adopted son, Sonu, with Gus by Sabala.

Had another long walk yesterday and came across this Danger Basset Hound!

And the other side of the above sign!   Very nicely painted, both of them.   I was not expecting a Basset Hound on the other side when I saw this!

On a completely different note, this is for my husband.   For many years there was a legendary armored Checker Cab here in Boudha owned by a local character named Dutch Bob.   That's right, an armored Checker Cab!

A little dusty, but still straight and in good condition.   I've been told that it still runs, was started recently (a year ago), but the tires look relatively sound.   Popped the hood, opened the door.  


Hard to see if the rumors of being armored are true, but the driver's door was heavy.
And this cute boy is to let Maggie know that there are coned dogs in Nepal, too.   This handsome young Tibetan mastiff has a sore spot and he doesn't seem to mind his cone at all.

Finals tomorrow, I hope!   In the meantime, Namaste and to all a good night.

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