See the Dogs in Person!
Be Aware of Bo Obama!


The Craft and Folk Art Museum's Holiday Global Bazaar was a success!   For the Danger Dogs and other vendors, too.  

You know how I love a wall of Dogs, and due to the rain, we all moved our booths inside.   I got this lovely stairwell to work with!

Everything went well, and the Museum raised a lot of funds.

Lots of new people saw the Dogs and learned about the Danger Dog Project.  

Some great Danger Dogs were snatched up by the Craft and Folk Art Museum patrons.   I will greatly miss two pieces by Ram Mohan Patel.   The one above is of Lulu, a pitbull with a great smile.

This is the lovely Sweet Pea on the day I picked them up.   Along with the charming Lion King cat, these oversized portraits are now in good hands.   I will definitely miss them.

This painting of Daddy the Catahoula Leopard Dog was from my first trip.   Painted by Poon, a journalist from Pokhara, I've always called this one the 'Italianate Daddy'.   I know my husband will miss this one especially.

This one - a Zen Kitty by Sufraj - didn't stay around long.   I only had it a couple of weeks but Lula the Zen Kitty went to a very good home.   Best yet, I know the couple who bought Lula and may have occasional visitation rights!   Sufraj was the only artist to make it clear that those were blue socks in the foreground.   Lula is a Tonkinese that lives in London.

Another one that I didn't have long is the lovely Nigel too by Sagar.   This beautiful piece went to the KTLA News Reporter Gail Anderson.   She is a savvy buyer who immediately got the Danger Dogs and also the humor in this green masterpiece.   She is also a nice lady.
Shiva of New Road in Pokhara painted Bobo the Cat in a ferocious mood.

 Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip
Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip was a wise purchase.

Madeline the 'Happy Poddle' by Sabala playing in the snow was bought yesterday.  

As you can see the buyers yesterday had very good taste.   I'm going to miss all 8 of these pieces.   Of the eight sold, seven different artists were represented.  

Soon, I'm going to update the website to make it easier to navigate, I promise.   In the meantime, any comments or questions should be sent to me at


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