More final Danger Dogs!
Three-of-a-kind -- Even More Danger Dogs!

Three-of-a-Kind -- Done Dogs!


The final three of Gabby on a Hike by Sanjib, Sabala and Megh Raj (clockwise from top left).   There are some hard choices here.   Which would you choose?

Compass by Ram Krishna Chaudhury, Sabala and Amar Shrestha.

Little Ruthie by Amar Shrestha, Nara and Nabin Art.

Jojo and Maggie, the Super Dogs, by Amar Shrestha, Dilip and Nara.  

Grover by Sabala, Nara and Nabin.

Shelby looking amazingly consistent by Amar Shrestha, Dilip and Raaz.

Jasper by Ram Krishna, Megh Raj and Sabala!

Rudy!   By Nara, Ram Krishna and Sabala.

Sport is a Good Boy!   By Ram Krishna, Sabala and Nara.

Still some stragglers coming in.   Above is Valki the Doberman Pinscher, Cooper the horse and a lovely Cock.   All by Sanjib - who seemed to be in a colorful mood this trip.

Again by Sanjib Rana -- Polly, Jack the Black Lab and Lucky and Odi. 

Ram Krishna asked if I wanted to buy this White Lab and what could I say but yes?   A lovely 'Beware of Cock' by Snjib Rana, Lucy the 'Danger Aggressively Affectionate Cat' by Amar Shrestha and Ziggy Stardust by Ram Krishna.

Frank Zappa, Gracie and Belle by Amar Shrestha.

Also by Amar Shrestha is Sophie and Stargell, Emma the Catahoula in the snow, and Fugg.

More finals tomorrow.   Expecting 31 pieces this afternoon at 4pm.   Delivered since they are so late.   All of you will be receiving individual portraits of each signboard when I get back (next Tuesday) to the US.    Hopefully these will give you some idea of the signboards.  

Comments and questions are always welcome at   You can see more about the Danger Dog Project at




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