Artists' Studios in Nepal

Big White Dog Art

It seemed like I got a lot of big white dogs on the most recent Danger Dog trip.

Sierra is a Pit Bull.   Sagar put her in a ring of fire.   

Sierra again, this time in a larger format with a green background, as painted by Sabala.

 Simon White Labrador by Sanjib
Simon is a White Shepherd, painted by Sanjib Rana.   A Zen Dog, Simon was painted under a favorite chair.   The Nepali script reads 'Dharma Dog'.

 Simon white Labrador by Nara
From the same photo of Simon as above, here is Nara's version of his Zen portrait.

Gus the White Labrador Retriever as a puppy with his soccer ball by Megh Raj.

Gus all grown up and in full length by Sabala.

Belle, a white shepherd, painted by Amar Shrestha.

Belle as a Danger Dog, painted against a turquoise background, by Sufraj Khadka.

 Sonny White Lab Sabala
Be Aware of Sonny the White Labrador.   This signboard is by Sabala.

 Maddy white Labrador by Sabala
Maddy the white Labrador by Sabala.

All of the above paintings are hand-painted in Nepal by endangered Nepali signboard painters whose work is being replaced by digital imagery and mass-printed signage.    These are American Dogs and are all people's pets that have generated Nepali jobs.

Each signboard is approximately one foot square, is synthetic enamel on metal and is suitable to be hung indoors or out.  

You can commission a portrait of your own pet, each commission will generate work for 3 Nepali artists.  You pay nothing until you choose which one you prefer.   Please send a photo of your pet (dog, cat, horse, chicken, cockatoo, ferret, turtle -- you name it) and help support this Fair Trade art project.  

Contact me at [email protected] for more information, and be sure to go to my website at to see more artwork by these Nepali artists.

Micro-finance through Art Patronage.


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