Danger Dogs and Furniture
Works in progress

Danger Cats and their Furniture!

Yesterday, I wrote about the Dogs and their furniture, but American cats are also pampered.

Jean-Claude the tabby catches some shuteye on his turquoise lounger.   Painted by Amar.   Whenever I get a photo of a sleeping dog or cat, Amar is the first artist I give them to.   Amar loves a sleeping animal and spends a lot of time on the background details.

This trio of tabbies look out from their mahogany table top.   Painted by Sabala.

Amar paints the same three kitties as above on a more basic table.

ShaShi puts the same three cats on what looks like a vinyl record.   You can never predict what you will get with this project!

Here's another shot of Jean Claude, this time Amar made the table look like wood.  

This is Holly Hobble the 3-legged cat under her 4-legged chair!   This Zen Cat is by Amar Shrestha.

The dramatic Black Cat Zia rests on her blue blanket.   Portrait by Sabala of Surya Studios.

This is Super Argo, a cat that lived to the ripe old age of 22.   The red blanket is the photo is a cowboy print.   This painting is by Sagar of Surya Studios.

When first asked to paint a Beware of Cat signboard, the artists asked 'Why beware?   Cats are good.'  

 Kitten on stove
I took this photo of a kitten warming herself on an oven in Mustang in June, 2009.

It was kitten season, I guess.   This mom and kitten were in the Daulighiri Guest House in Marpha. 

Danger Dogs from Nepal is a Fair Trade Art project dedicated to promoting signboard art in Nepal.   Signboard art is fast disappearing and being replaced by generic, mass-produced signage.   Traditionally in Nepal, signs were hand-painted on metal and usually included a painted figure to illustrate the message.   Illiteracy is still a big problem in Nepal.   Danger Dogs aims to remedy that through giving these artists work and giving their children a chance to go to school.

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions.

You can commission your own pet by sending a photo, letting me know what you'd like your signboard to say.   Each commission will result in 3 portraits of your pet, giving you 3 choices and giving 3 artists in Nepal work.   You pay nothing until you choose which of the 3 paintings you like.  

Stay tuned.   More tomorrow.


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pet furniture

Nice work with the three cats on what looks like a vinyl record!

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