Danger Dogs and Their Toys
Danger Cats and their Furniture!

Danger Dogs and Furniture

American Dogs live the good life, and that includes being able to rest on couches and furniture!

It's no surprise that this Italian Greyhound lounging on a turquoise chair is a Star!   Star as painted by Sabala.

 Italian Greyhound-2
Here's another lucky Italian Greyhound - Flojo - by Shree.   As in yesterday's post, Shree used his artistic license to give Flojo's home a Nepali Extreme Home Makeover.   Below is the original photo:

Here's Flojo in real life.   As you can see by the before and after, you never know what you will get with a Danger Dog portrait!

Rosie the Labradoodle and her three portraits include one where it looks like she is on a ping pong table (top left by Hari Timsina), one with no furniture (by Sabala, top right - this is the one the owner chose) and lastly (bottom by Hari Prasad) Rosie appears to be on a magic carpet ride. 

Murphy the Basenji relaxes in his bed, as painted by Shree.

Arjun Karki paints Jasper the Weimaraner with his blue blanket looking much like an ocean.

It  is hard to believe that this painting is from the same photo of Jasper the Weimaraner as the portrait above by Arjun, but there you have it...Danger Dogs can take all shapes and forms and you NEVER know what you will get.   But that is the charm of this project.


You can see by this painting of Kahuna the Pug that Shree does like his couches bright!

But in this case, he did not exaggerate overmuch!

 K&P Pomeranians by Sabala
King and Princess, a pair of well-heeled Pomeranians, perch on a stylized table.   Painted by Sabala.

In contrast, here King and Princess are on a giant Oreo cookie.   Painted by Dilip.

To get an idea of what Dilip and Sabala had to work with, here is the original photo of the beautiful pair.

This blog was inspired by Julia Szabo, pet blogger for the New York Post, who has a new blog at www.LifeOnCrypton.com -- a place to find eco-friendly and durable furniture covers for your furry friends.  Julia is a big fan of the Danger Dogs and of practical and beautiful ways to co-exist.   She's even written a book called "Pretty Pet Friendly" with tons of practical advice on how to conquer the chaos of living with pets.

Questions or comments are always welcome.   Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for more info or to request photos of specific types of Danger Dogs to feature on this blog.   With 1400 pieces commissioned to date, it is hard to find a breed that I have not had painted in Nepal.    Many of the above featured signboards are still available.

The Danger Dog project is a Fair Trade Art Project supporting endangered Nepali Signboard artists in this digital world.   All of the above signboards are hand-painted on metal using synthetic enamel.   They are suitable to be hung indoors or out, framed or not.   Often they are painted on recycled metal.

The Danger Dog official website is at NepalDog.com.

Tune in tomorrow for Danger Cats on furniture!


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