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Everyone knows that Labrador Retrievers love their balls!   Here is Gus as painted by Megh Raj with his Soccer Ball.

Lucy the Border Collie with her toy by Shantosh.  

Flojo the Italian Greyhound by Amar with a favorite toy. 

 Cooper Black Lab Hari Prasad
Cooper, a Black Lab Labrador Retriever with his frog toy.

Chloe the White Standard Poodle with her Red Ball by Shree.   This photo of Chloe was taken on a hardwood floor lined with bookshelves.

Williwa the White Samoyed has her favorite bus.   By Amar.

Lucy the Border Collie again with her toy, and this time behind a chair!   By Penter Amar.

Niki with her little ball.  This portrait of a Pomeranian disappeared from a post office in Brooklyn.   By Shree.

Lastly, we have the lively Jasper - a dachshund with the neat trick of being able to run with a toy in hand.   The original photo of Jasper had no ball, but this was painted by Shree at the same time as the above portrait of Niki the Pomeranian and Shree gave both of the dogs' a yellow ball.

To illustrate the marvelous before and after of these works, here is the original photo that Shree worked with.   I love the added tree and the impossible little ball that he gave Jasper to carry.   

The Danger Dogs are signboard art from Nepal, hand-painted on metal by endangered Nepali signboard artists, whose work is rapidly being replaced by generic mass-produced works.   As you can see, their work is original and amusing, and one never knows what to expect.

By commissioning a portrait of your pet, you will support 3 different artists, getting a choice that will surprise you.   You pay only after choosing which portrait you prefer.   The cost is $250 per commission.   The next Danger Dog trip to Nepal will be in late spring, 2010.   Send me a photo of your pet to, let me know what you would like your signboard to say.  

Please contact me with any questions or comments at   The Danger Dog website is  


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