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Dog of the Day - Stella!

Stella is an unusual beauty.   She is part Basset Hound and part Springer Spaniel and a lovelier combination would be hard to find.

Named after the beer Stella Artois, she is as soft and friendly as can be.   I had the good fortune to meet Stella and her owner at the Terrence Rogers Gallery who were having an opening of the fine young artist Jason Kowalski.   More information on the show can be found here at the Terrence Rogers website.

This is Chester, a full-blooded Basset Hound, as painted by Nara of Asha Arts.   Available.

Chester in profile by Sufraj.    Available.

This Springer Spaniel by JK Arts is extra large at 18 square inches.   Available.

All of the above artwork is on metal, and hand-painted by Nepali signboard artists.   I have commissioned over 1400 pieces to date, giving considerable work to these endangered artists.   

You can support the project by buying an existing piece - I have many breeds available, including cats, birds and rodents - or by commissioning a piece of your own pet.   Each commission will get a choice of three pieces by three different Nepali signboard artists.     Prices vary on existing signs but most range from $130-$200.

Send me a photo of your pet, and the next time I go to Nepal (twice a year), I will give that photo to three artists.  The cost is $250 for a single image on the metal signboard, and you pay only after I return and you decide which of the three you like.    You pay nothing if you do not like any of the three.  The extra signs are sold at museum shops around the country.  

You get a choice of three paintings, three artists get work and museum shops get folk art!   Micro-finance through art patronage!

Please contact me at for more information or with any questions.   Go to to see my website.


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