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Four Legged Friends Foundation - Ay Chihuahua!

Remember this is my year to donate my time and effort to good causes.   I started off by donating help for Sandra Lollino's Four Legged Friends Foundation.   FLuFF is dedicated to helping low income people pay their vet bills.

Sassy the Chihuahua was also there to draw in customers (and accept copious praise at the same time).  Sandra adopted Sassy after an unsuccessful foster a couple of years ago.   As Sandra says "I can't foster -- I'm a keeper".   Sassy is about 12 years old and has found a good home for those important last years of a dog's life.   She certainly seemed content to sit in her sling and get petted.

Inga the Chihuahua is a different story.   She would snap your fingers if you tried to pet her!   This portrait is synthetic enamel on metal and is by Jit Gurung.

Here is Inga again, this time by Hari Prasad (from the same photo as the above painting by Jit).   I took this photo of Inga at the opening of a Nepal Art Dog exhibit at the Copro Nason Gallery in Bergamot Station.   She was in her owner's arms and though adorable looking, she nipped and growled all evening long.   Inga is a spitfire if I ever saw one.    She also enjoyed sipping beer.

Chacha is a Chihuahua from Ojai.   As painted by Shree.

 Santosh.white chihuahua
ChaCha, this time as painted by Santosh Shrestha.

This little chihuahua was painted by Arjun Karki and is from an anonymous dog whose picture I found in the paper.  

Gustavo is a lucky Enlightened Dog who lives with a pack of small black dogs.   By Dilip.

 Gustavo Chihuahua Sabala
Same photo of Gustavo, this time painted by Sabala.

All the portraits of Chihuahuas that you see here today are available.   Please contact me at [email protected] for more information or with any questions.   You can also try my website at for more available portraits on metal by struggling Nepali signboard artists.

The portraits are all approximately one foot square, hand-painted with synthetic enamel on metal, suitable to be hung indoors or out.    

Find out more about FLuff at   Sandra helps a lot of people AND their dogs.


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