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New Year's Danger Dogs


Sunny, a little black dog all dressed up for the New Year, relaxes during a wonderful New Year's Day party in Culver City.   She is a rescued dog, found wandering in traffic on Sunset Boulevard - hence her name.  

Her beau, Petey, also 'put on the dog' for the party.   Petey is a dachshund mix and was welcomed into Sunny's household as a rescue pup also.

When I first arrived at the party, Petey and Sunny were on the chair posing just like this cute couple (Ruby and Otterpop) from my last trip.  Danger Gog! by Dilip is still available.

Sabala painted this portrait of the happy duo.  Also available. 

I wasn't able to photograph Chloe, the white standard poodle 'mistress of the house', but she is well-represented with her Danger Dog triple portraits.   Above is Chloe by Shree.   The original photo used by Shree had Chloe walking down a hard-wood hallway with books lining the walls.   I guess Shree thought she should be walking down a brick road with her favorite toy.

Chloe by Sabala is part of the 'Poodles for Peace' movement.

Here is Chloe by Amar, captured in all her elegance with her big heart and graceful face.

All of Chloe's portraits are sold, but I do have another great white standard if anyone is interested:

Also by Shree, this is Sophie, an enlightened poodle.

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

Also, you can go to the Nepal Dog Channel at YouTube to see other available paintings of dogs on metal.   The Nepali signboard industry with its charming hand-painted signboards is fast disappearing in favor of mass-produced computer-generated signage.   

You can make a difference by ordering a portrait of your pet.   Each commission gives work to three different signboard artists, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.   You pay nothing until you choose which of the three portraits you prefer.  

All paintings are on metal, approximately one foot square and can be customized to say anything you'd like!  

I'll be back in Nepal late spring 2010, returning in June with your own Danger Dogs!

Go to NepalDog.com for more information.

Microfinance through art patronage.   American Dogs = Nepali jobs!


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