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Works in progress

Sometimes I'm lucky when I show up and the artists are not finished and I get a glimpse of their works in progress.  

This Dalmation by Chandra Chaudhury is from the first Danger Dog trip in mid 2007.   Chandra is a young artist and I was already 2 weeks overdue in picking these up.  

I could see that he was working on them, but he shrugged and told me to return in 'a couple of days'.  

They were finished the next day.   Chandra Chaudhury's Dalmation is still available.  

That first trip, most of the Danger Dogs were speculative and had no buyer in mind.   I was just finding artists and seeing what the project might be like.   I had expected kennel clubs to be my customers for the art, and was just working out my business plan.  Imagine my surprise when Ed Moses, the artist, bought two of them, later that day Ed showed them to a gallerist from Ojai, Nancy Main, who met me that night at an art opening and offered my first Nepal Art Dog exhibit!   Whew!   That was a fun night.   

Here I have Amar Shrestha painting this early '60's Alfa Romeo.   His finished piece looked great, with a lot of detail in the transparency of the windshield and the glow on the car's paint job.   The tires need some work, though.

In retrospect, I probably should have left well enough alone and had no writing or simply the words Alfa Romeo.

This experiment in automotive art has not gone anywhere, though it certainly shows the possibilities with this project.   These artists truly can and will paint anything.  

I will be returning to Nepal twice this year and will be ordering more Nepal Art Dogs.   Each commission will generate 3 hand-painted signboards from three different struggling Nepali artists.   As I illustrate above, you can commission anything you like -- you are not restricted to pets.

Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions.   You can also find out more at NepalDog.com.


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